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It doesn’t happen every day to end up on the cover of “Wine Spectator”, the most popular wine magazine in the world, with a total number of copies of 3.8 million copies, both printed and digital, and when it happens it is always a good news, for all Italian wine. In the past, it happened to entrepreneurs such as Lamberto Frescobaldi (in 2021) and Angelo Gaja (in 1985 and 2011), Piero Antinori (in 1994 and, with his daughters Albiera, Allegra and Alessia, in 2015) and Oscar Farinetti (in 2013 ), and again Lodovico Antinori (in 2016), Marilisa Allegrini (in 2017) and Nicolò and Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta (Sassicaia, Tenuta San Guido) in 2018.

This time, the honor is for an entire territory, that of Chianti Classico, represented, in the issue on newsstands on October 31, by a Black Rooster. In the past, Piedmont, Sicily and, above all, Tuscany have often earned the cover of “ Wine Spectator “(which, in Italy, usually dedicates the April issue, the month of Vinitaly, ed), but only Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo and Barbaresco have received, in past years, the honors of Chianti Classico .

Marvin Shankenthe editor of “Wine Spectator”, in his editorial, writes about a Chianti Classico “in a phase of unstoppable rise”, then highlighting the quality of the 2019 vintage: the reportage, 18 pages, was, instead, entrusted to the pen of Bruce Sandersonsenior editor of the magazine and one of the most authoritative voices in the world of wine, who portrays the appellation, both from a historical and enological point of view, emphasizing the ability of Chianti Classico to innovate, with a particular reference to the introduction of the Grand Selection and the Additional Geographical Units.

“We are honored by the attention that Wine Spectator dedicates to us, a magazine read all over the world and a true reference point in the wine sector”, comments the president of the Chianti Classico Consortium, Giovanni Manetti: “This is a recognition of the work in the vineyard and in the cellar that we winegrowers put into practice every day. A note in particular: Bruce Sanderson underlines how our territory has revealed itself over time as one of the determining factors for achieving the maximum expressions of Sangiovese, which is the grape that we have been treating and studying for decades. We can proudly say that we have hit the mark ”.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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