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The end of the year is approaching with a positive sentiment for the world of wine, comforted by the numbers (with the domestic market recovering in catering and still growing in large-scale distribution by + 9% over 2020 in the first half of 2021, and with exports which, in the first half of 2021, soars to + 15.8% (on the same period of last year) and + 10% on 2019 records, and with the conviction that “in 2022 we will be able to field all our resources”, thus leaving behind a period of substantial “physical inactivity”, but which has seen, however, the birth and take off of important projects and initiatives (among others, the challenge between wines and chefs “Taste in the Challenge” and the creation of “Gruppo Giovani”). Thus the Grandi Marchi Institute, which brings together 18 of the most important realities of Italian wine (Alois Lageder, Antinori, Argiolas, Ca del Bosco, Carpenè Malvolti, Chiarlo, Col d’Orcia, Donnafugata, Folonari , Jermann, Lungarotti, Masi, Mastroberardino, Pio Cesare, Rivera, Tasca d’Almerita, Tenu ta San Guido and Umani Ronchi) and its president Pietro Mastroberardino yesterday greeted the end of a dark period and celebrated the resumption of activities in Rome in the monumental Palazzo Rospigliosi.
“The activities of the Institute have never stopped – said Mastroberardino – there has been a strong commitment of thought and planning. Above all, I believe that the most beautiful initiative we have done in recent months has been the establishment of the Youth Group, a varied group that brings together thirty-year-olds who know the market, bite the brake and want to fly and very young people who more timidly approach our world”. “This group – underlined Mastroberardino – is the expression of the multigenerational wine families and the desire they have to look into perspective”.
If the pandemic has forcibly reduced the activity of the world of wine and of the producers associated with the Istituto Grandi Marchi, Mastroberadino underlined to the microphones of WineNews, the sector, however, has shown that it has solid fundamentals, a strong ability to react and resourcefulness. despite everything: “our companies have been able, some better others worse, to reorient themselves in this difficult phase. They have rethought the e-commerce part, they realized the importance of opening a direct connection channel with the consumer and not only with business to business. They have made many transformations which, in my opinion, have produced many positive effects, and are a good foundation for the months to come. In the new year we are convinced that we will be able to start at full capacity with international missions. With 2022 we are happy to be able to put all our resources back into play ”. Regarding the possible entry of new wineries into the prestigious Istituto Grandi Marchi, Mastroberardino noted, to WineNews, that “at the moment there are no other openings of the group planned, in any case when opportunities arise, we discuss and evaluate each other. For the moment we will think about restarting the activities and then we will see ”.
Meanwhile, with the return to the events in attendance, also the initiative of the Grandi Marchi Institute “Taste in the Challenge”, where 18 wines selected by each producer provided the assistance to great chefs to create a matching dish and present it on the web, moves from social channels, where, moreover, it has been very successful, to 18 restaurants protagonists of the challenge. And on November 18 the final “Taste in the Challenge” Night will be celebrated, a dinner in the interested restaurants located in the various regions of Italy where the proposed combinations can finally be served on the table.
“Taste in the challenge” – explained Mastroberardino – is an initiative born on social media to make the world of wine feel very close to the world of catering that has paid a very high price to the pandemic: each of us producers of the Istituto Grandi Marchi identified a wine and challenged a chef to create a matching dish. We started on the web because it couldn’t be done otherwise. A communication plan was therefore created through social media, the idea was then to be able to do it in person and therefore we will be able to celebrate our wines and connected dishes on November 18 in 18 great restaurants throughout Italy. The dishes created by the chefs will be collected in a volume that will serve to remember this beautiful moment of restart and to underline once again the importance of catering for our sector “.
The event at Palazzo Rospigliosi, organized by the Grandi Marchi institute, was also an opportunity to award the Wine Communication Award (edition n. 2), to Jens Priewe, German journalist expert in wines, with a particular eye to the Italian reality. Priewe in receiving the award declared his love for Italy and his philosophy in the approach to the world of wine: “Not only do I love Italy and Italian wines – he said – but I try to understand them, we need to understand the basic idea behind it”.
“In addition to giving marks, scores, bunches and so on – added Priewe – the important thing is to understand what the producer wants to convey, this is my idea of ​​wine journalism, I don’t just want to taste the wines but also understand them”.
Precisely this profound approach to the reality of producers and their wines motivated the awarding of the Prize, explained Piero Mastroberardino, observing that cataloging a bottle of wine only with a score or a symbol, “is truly arid and reductive, our world everything goes behind the bottle and that behind must come on the stage, behind a wine there is the ability and the will to create of a producer that must be interpreted and transmitted, for this reason our award goes to those who have made an extra effort in transmission of a message that goes to the roots of our professional commitment “.
The Young Group of the Great Brands, established in July 2021, is also ready to restart and finally hold meetings in attendance. The enthusiasm of the cellars is great, “there is a desire to get to know each other, to discuss and to better delve into the reality of the sector,” explains to Winenews Federica Rosy Boffa Pio, 23, at the helm of the historic Barolo winery “Pio Cesare” and president of the Youth Group. “The Youth Group was born – explains Boffa – because we realized that there was a very strong young soul and, above all, as a response to the inactivity phase in the pandemic. President Mastroberardino turned to us asking what kind of activities we were planning to do, especially on social networks, to stay in contact with the public: we therefore created the “Taste in the Challenge” format with a view to uniting the interest in cooking developed in the pandemic with the desire to taste and thus launching an invitation to try our wines. The group has gradually expanded among the families of producers and today has members ranging from 35 to 14 years. We will also act as an incubator for future entrepreneurs … “.

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