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One million liters of common wine sold with labels bearing false indications of protected origins and IGP, and eight people reported: it is the result of the activity of the Icqrf of Bari and of the Guard of Finance of Foggia, which, in recent days, reports the Adnkronos news agency, have identified a winery in the Foggiano area that appeared to have marketed over 1.5 million liters of wine with a false IGP marking. Primitivo, Chardonnay, Pinot grigio, Falanghina, Merlot, the varieties of wine illegally placed on the market. Serious anomalies and contradictions between the types of grapes actually produced and those formally conferred have been reconstructed and detected from the ICQRF and Finance databases, and from the aerial photogrammetry of the land affected by the “presumed” cultivation of grapes with a typical or protected geographical indication. in the winery, as well as in relation to the real production capacity of grapes of the cultivated land. Searches were carried out to verify the alleged discrepancies, which ended with the finding of the illicit conduct held by the winery and 6 grape producers who issued false harvest certificates on the conferment of PGI grapes.
The position of an Agricultural Assistance Center in the Province of Foggia has also been submitted by the investigating bodies, which has prepared and electronically sent false production declarations relating to the 2020 wine campaign to the competent authorities. The investigative activity ended with the seizure of 917,205 liters of PGI Puglia musts and wines with indication of falsely claimed vines and varietal wines; the contestation, for having been placed on the market, of “consumed in fraud” of 602,465 liters of similar musts and wines IGP Puglia with indication of vines and varietal wines, falsely claimed; the denunciation of 8 people as responsible, for various reasons, for the crimes of commercial fraud, counterfeiting of geographical indications or designations of origin of agri-food products, falsification in registers and notifications and in IT documents.
Not far away, between Campania and Puglia, Icqrf and the Guardia di Finanza of Naples have carried out the “Bad Drink” operation, foiling a rather complex illegal activity: in particular, the police forces have seized 2,800 liters of alcohol, a large quantity of champagne and wine packages, over 9,000 bottles of liqueurs and 900 bottles of extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, the extension of searches to printers and commercial warehouses made it possible to find and seize 300,000 counterfeit state marks, as well as numerous clichés for printing false labels that would have been affixed to products of illicit origin.
“We need zero tolerance on fraud that jeopardizes the development of a sector that has grown by focusing on a great path of qualitative enhancement that has led Italian wine to become the main voice of agri-food exports”, comments Coldiretti. “The fraudulent marketing of false wines with denomination is one of the most recurrent frauds in the wine sector – highlights Coldiretti – together with the sophistication through the addition of water or sugar, wines declared to be organic but actually contain pesticide residues, irregularities of illegal records and practices and processing. The excellent results of the law enforcement activity confirm the need to keep our guard up and to tighten the still wide mesh of legislation with the reform of crimes in the agri-food sector which – continues Coldiretti – must be pursued with a more adequate punitive system with the approval of the proposals presented by Giancarlo Caselli, president of the Scientific Committee of the Agromafie Observatory ”.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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