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Even the bottle, when it is particular and identifies a specific product or company at a glance, is part of the brand, and consequently cannot be imitated. This is the meaning of the ruling of the Court of Appeal of Venice, “which recently pronounced with a sentence, which confirmed the full validity of the Bottega Spa brands, protecting the distinctive features of the Bottega Gold and Rose Gold bottles, and has Ca ‘di Rajo’s request for non-counterfeiting was rejected, recognizing the confusion with the Bottega brands of the gold and pink mirrored bottles of Ca’ di Rajo, with relative condemnation to the payment of legal costs “. This was communicated by the same company led by Sandro Bottega, one of the best-known Italian brands, especially thanks to Prosecco, according to which “this ruling confirms the similar ruling, made in the first instance by the Court of Venice, the previous decision in the precautionary phase and the subsequent complaint to the college. So it is a confirmed victory four times ”.
“Specifically, the Venetian Court – explains Bottega – one of the most competent in our country, has argued that the mirrored gold and pink colors of the bottles, a distinctive feature, are the primary element characterizing the Bottega Spa brands. So not the shape of the bottle, neither the label nor other graphic details can eliminate the confusing effect of identical mirrors. The same decisions have been taken in the recent past by EUIPO, the European Union Office for Intellectual Property, and subsequently by the EU Court. The aforementioned ruling thus confirmed once more the distinctiveness of the brands, expressed by the spread of the brand on a global scale to the point that the so-called mirroring of the gold and pink colors have become the emblem of Bottega’s brands “.
Bottega, the company still remembers, has created bottles with mirrored colors since 2001, confirming a long and articulated career in which it has always shown maximum originality and extreme innovation, entrepreneurial characteristics which, together with a quality recognized over the years from almost 400 national and international awards, they have brought the Bibano di Godega winery and distillery to be one of the most imitated companies in the world in the wine and spirits sector. The validity of trademarks registered over the years has been recognized in Italy and in Europe by the various competent bodies.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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