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Pasta Evangelists is a fresh pasta brand founded in London by an Italian.

Barilla has decided to acquire it, and to launch into the fresh pasta e-commerce market.

The Barilla group has purchased the majority of Pasta Evangelists, an English brand specialized in the delivery of boxes to customers who want to cook dishes with fresh ingredients and, above all, made in Italy.

Barilla thus enters the fresh pasta market and focuses on e-commerce, buying the majority of this London startup founded in 2016 by former investment banker Alessandro Savelli.

The brand has established itself in the food sector thanks to the intuition of the Genoese Alessandro Savelli that overseas has decided to “evangelize” consumers – hence the idea for the name – by distributing quality products.

Last year Pasta Evangelists recorded a + 300% in deliveries, selling over 1 million portions (in 2016 there were just 200).

The surge was undoubtedly favored by the health emergency situation that Great Britain has experienced and still is experiencing (the third lockdown is underway), with millions of families locked up at home to combat the infection.

It is not known exactly how much Barilla has invested in Pasta Evangelists (the English press talks about a 40 million pound agreement), in any case the founders of the startup remained on the board and the Parma group, thanks to this operation, will allow Pasta Evangelists to grow also on international markets.

On Barilla’s Linkedin profile you can read this comment:

“This acquisition represents a new step in our international growth, especially in the UK, and our willingness to invest in new marketing and sales approaches, up to digital as a priority platform for interacting with consumers.”

Barilla’s plans apparently envisage a development in the UK market: again on LinkedIn, the company announced the birth of a Digital Hub in London, directly connected to the Parma headquarters to innovate in the food sector.

The possibilities in this sector are many: from apps for fresh food delivery to the technology used in agriculture to make processes more sustainable and efficient.

The closed agreement between Barilla and Pasta Evangelists was made possible thanks to Blu1877, Barilla’s venture capital company.

The London-based pasta company will however continue to operate as an independent entity, under the leadership of the CEO and founder Savelli and the cofounders Chris Rennoldson and Finn Lagun, who will retain important stakes in the company.

Savelli’s satisfied comments are:

“As an entrepreneur and as an Italian, for me this is a dream come true, because we are going to collaborate with Barilla, an iconic family-run company”.

He, 40 years old, an Italian father and an English mother, after a work experience in finance, in 2016 decided to change his life and go on his own, almost forced to choose the sector:

“It was not difficult to choose the segment in which to operate.

Fresh artisan pasta could not be found in London and throughout the UK. Certainly not the same as my grandmother used to do! So I created an e-commerce that delivers home-made packs of fresh pasta and the sauces to dress them.

Each week the startup offers different dishes. And the particularity is also in the packaging, proof of the typical letterboxes of English houses “.

Today Pasta Evangelists distributes throughout the UK. It sells online, but it also has a physical corner in the Food Hall of the renowned Harrods department store.

The last word to the comments, also enthusiastic in this case, by the Parma-based company, for voice Gianluca Di Tondo, Chief marketing officer of Barilla:

“The Covid-19 crisis has changed purchasing behavior, working models and product distribution. The demand for fresh food is growing, as is the boom in e-commerce. We are therefore excited to expand our family with a brand that intercepts these trends ”.

And while in Italy the lockdown has created many home-made pasta makers, bakers and pizza makers (we’ll see how long they last!), In the United Kingdom the culture of fresh pasta remains a dream, to be realized with home delivery!

A completely successful evangelization!

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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