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A young woman chef, strong and stubborn, sweet and sensitive, a stormy downpour.

Sara Preceruti, in Milan since the end of 2019, is known for her skill, but has yet to fully experience her new restaurant.

Born in 1983, self-taught chef, an enviable willpower and a timid evident beauty.

Sara Preceruti gets her first Michelin star at the age of 28 at the Locanda del Notaio and in 2014 Identità Golose elected her Best Female Chef for its Gourmet Guide.

In 2015 he is among the 12 best young Chefs that Carlo Cracco chooses as “Ambassadors of Taste” on the occasion of the events organized at the former convent of the Annunciata on the occasion of Expo 2015; and it is Cracco himself who wants her by his side as foreman in the “infernal” kitchens of the television program Hell’s Kitchen Italia. But she declines the invitation at that moment because she is busy with her new project of the Acquada restaurant (we talked about it here).

Acquada means ‘downpour’ in Lombard dialect and represents for Sara a starting point, which distracts from the past and allows the birth of something new, with a different point of view, hers.

The exceptional photos on the walls of the restaurant explain this state of mind and this uniqueness of Sara’s gaze, which then pours into her dishes.

A Milan seen reflected in the puddles, demonstrating that everything can be seen from a different angle, not taken for granted, not usual.

And in the kitchen of the Acquada restaurant, nothing is taken for granted or “like everyone else”, there is an explosion of courage, a downpour of knowledge and skills, a storm of desire to express oneself without restraint, to the end.

A fun that can be felt in the dishes, from its conception to the final dish, and which finds its most thrusting form in the freehand tasting menus, but also exists in every single course of the synthetic, versatile and exhaustive card.

Sara Preceruti’s cuisine belongs to that category of trend-free chefs. It is also so because it is self-taught, with no training to hold it back or stop it.

“I certainly study techniques, never styles. Nor do I have cookbooks or other chefs’ books, because I think my mind shouldn’t be conditioned. I have to put myself in every dish, with all the nuances of my character. This is why I play a lot with contrasts: because that’s how I am ».

Only one North Star follows, taste.

“I have never set myself limits, not even in the origin of the products. I propose what I like first of all “.

A concrete cuisine, of great character, modern, balanced.

Together with her in the kitchen, her sous-chef Isao Sonoda, in the dining room Claudio Baggini, a point of reference also for the cellar, an excellent speaker of the dishes he brings to the table and of the chef’s thoughts.

The space of the restaurant in Via Villoresi, in Milan, is welcoming and essential, with a few tables to guarantee each guest an experience with attention to every detail.

Acquada’s menu is Sara Preceruti in the dishes, a search for strong, greedy, unprecedented sensations.

Starting with the appetizers as the Tuna Tataki, accompanied by goat cheese, Brussels sprouts, chickpea salad with sesame, soy caviar and fried ginger or Confit goose breast in Timut pepper panure, which goes well with marinated zucchini, strawberry sauce and balsamic vinegar orBoiled egg on parmesan mousse, porcini water jelly, porcini powder, glazed lemon (the latter our favorite, with a play of delicious textures and a perfect play of temperatures).

In the former, Sara Preceruti interprets all the classicism with her personal visions:

  • the risotto (‘Riserva San Massimo’ parmigiana with the tasty Iberian pork ragout, green apple salad and mint crumble) .. a round of applause for this dish that leaves you speechless and eyes half closed …
  • homemade dry pasta (Orecchiette with spinach, garlic sprouts, smoked ricotta and candied cherry tomatoes),
  • egg pasta (Tagliatelle with rocket pesto, olives, melon and cod salad)
  • stuffed pasta (Buttons of pasta stuffed with mango and liver, served with onions, beef consommé and lemon powder).

Among the second courses, meat and fish are of equal dignity, from the pigeon served with its stock, new potatoes, melon and gorgonzola to the eccentric stuffed squid, with tomato powder, celery cream, yogurt balls, eccentric in structure and eccentric even on the palate; from Pagello fragolino in pots, chicory, tomato siphon and cocoa sponge up to Beef fillet, vegetable caponata, mulled wine ice cream, marinated yolk powder.

In dessertsThe Gianduja wears red”Where the notes of pepper and chocolate come together perfectly, in a marriage at the end of the meal that amazes for the absence of fruit in favor of vegetables (especially the pepper!) But even more amazes for the almost diabolical genius!

To discover Sara’s cuisine, the ideal are her tasting menus (six courses at 75 euros and seven courses at 85 euros) with a wine pairing of 40 euros, based on a cellar that surprises for choices without borders and without obligations. In the precise spirit of Acquada.

In this period of forced closure, after a few months devoted to volunteering, the chef has decided against her will to dedicate herself to delivery, to keep her cuisine and above all the relationship with her customers alive.

Each dish arrives at customers’ homes with an invitation to follow the instructions of Sara Preceruti and her staff step by step for cooking the dishes, thanks to videos specially shot and edited so that they are easy to follow, clear and fun.

Customers can consult them via QRCode, but also on the restaurant’s website in the delivery section.

Not only. In addition to the dishes on the menu, it is possible to order products for the pantry, small pastries, bread and bread sticks.

A woman with an important past from a professional point of view and touching from a personal point of view, a willpower as great as her desire to grow, a sweetness apparently hidden but visible at every glance, a light caress that cuddles together with her dishes.

Acquada is Sara in every dish, Sara is Acquada in every aspect!


  • massimo di coperti: 20 nelle due sale principali + sala privata fino a 10 ulteriori coperti Prezzo medio: € 70 bevande escluse
  • La consegna è attiva sette giorni su sette, dalle 12:00 alle 22:00, in tutta la città di Milano e per 15 km fuori dal perimetro esterno della città. L’asporto, invece, è attivo tutti i giorni dalle 12 alle 15 e dalle 19 alle 22.
  • Ordini al nuovo shop online su

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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