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Vini Fantini (formerly Farnese), the group led by Valentino Sciotti, with Abruzzese roots but which embraces the whole of Southern Italy, expands to Sardinia. Where it will produce a new line of Atzei wines, in the village of Mogoro (Oristano), in the Alta Marmilla subregion, with a very particular project, and which expands the group’s proposal, which in addition to Abruzzo already touches Puglia, in Campania, in Basilicata, in addition to Tuscany, for a reality with a great international projection, where it develops 97% of its turnover of over 80 million euros. “For me Sardinia is a place of the heart, producing wine here is a dream I had for some time”, explains Valentino Sciotti to WineNews, who knew these lands as a boy, when still far from wine, he was involved in the sale of trucks.
“We worked on acquisitions which, however, did not materialize, but the desire to produce wine in Sardinia was too strong, and so we took another path. We went back to where I had glimpsed this little paradise many years ago. In the village bordering Sanluri, in the south of Sardinia, that is Mogoro, we found a cooperative winery animated by great passion and respect for viticulture. Their weakness was the absence of a strong oenological and commercial partner. In short, the needs crossed perfectly ”. The result is Atzei, “what seemed impossible has been achieved”, no longer in a cooperative relationship, but by selecting the best individual vineyards, to produce high quality bottles.
“The goal is to produce 200,000 bottles, even if we are a bit late because Covid has slowed things down. The real protagonists are the local farmers who have always taken care of those vineyards, but to the project we dedicated the chief oenologist of Fantini Group, Dennis Verdecchia, for the occasion supported by Daniele Manca, a young Sardinian oenologist but also with experience abroad. , so as to be able to intertwine the knowledge of the terroir with an international allure “.

Investment, that of Fantini Group (which, since 2019, is owned by the USA Platinum fund, which acquired the company for 180 million euros, ed), in a territory to be discovered, but in which there is a lot of faith. “Sardinia is a region that already makes fantastic wines, but it can do more. Many are too focused on the island market and on the domestic one, but I believe it can be successful in the world, and there is great interest among all those to whom we propose this new project and these new wines. We hope to do something that, in addition to being successful for us, has benefits for the entire Sardinian wine chain, we believe in it “.
“Sardinia is my lifelong secret love. I have always wanted – says Sciotti – to produce great wines also on the Nuraghi Island. They are those things that you feel inside, almost a little voice that repeats to you: “you have to be able to do it, sooner or later”. Here: the time has come ”. I discovered these magnificent areas of central Sardinia at the beginning of my career. I was part of the sales staff of a company that sold small 4×4 trucks. I was the last to arrive and therefore they assigned me the least appetizing region, Sardinia. My main distributor was in Sanluri. Working there I not only learned to love Sardinians, their hospitality, their cuisine; I also discovered what seemed to me extraordinary potential for wines, with very old vines, fantastic vineyards and some crazy vines. I was wondering: how can it be that this exciting reality has no notoriety? ”.
And so the Atzei project was born. There will be four labels for the debut: three single-variety bottles, from Monica, Cannonau and Vermentino grapes, united in the Saragat line, named after a local vineyard whose origin seems to be linked to the “sea bream fishermen”. And then Aru, a blend of Monica, Cannonau and Bovale, the flagship wine. It will be offered on the market at a price (retail Italy) of 35 euros, while the cost of the three labels of the Saragat line is around 10 euros.
“Our arrival in the Mogoro area is part of the overall strategy of Fantini Group: to launch areas that are not famous but in which we see high potential. Here we have seen these conditions, then enhanced by the very strict selection of the grapes to offer the best of a territory by betting on the most suitable vines. At the beginning we will focus everything abroad, then in 2022 we will also enter the Italian market ”.
And also the aesthetics look to the territory, but in a modern way, with the label that reproduces, stylized, women with typical local clothes. “I am more and more in love with this region, and more and more convinced that we will play bingo. Sardinia has lost many vineyards in recent decades, we would like to help reverse the trend. Life is made up of challenges, more and more ambitious. Sardinia is a challenge for us ”, concludes Sciotti.

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