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A new reality, ready to grow again, with a specific goal: the diffusion of totally natural wine. The association “Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali” is born, which currently brings together twenty-seven Italian wineries, a real corporation that in every Region (eleven at the moment those represented), includes companies whose commitment is to produce totally natural wines, in full compliance with life of the earth, plants and man.
Protecting and protecting the vineyards and the entire ecosystem is the basic philosophy that saw the birth of the first “Van” associations over ten years ago, and grow through the determination to communicate, through their work, the meaning of the tradition of the territory. in the expression of its wine and food culture. The wines, explains a note, are made without defined protocols, giving space to one’s creativity and experience, and it is precisely this difference in history and culture that is the true richness of the product. To create a wine, therefore, all the useful practices are adopted to promote the vitality of the land for the development and health of the plants, without forcing and above all refraining from any product that damages the biological balance of the vineyard, according to the practices in use in organic and biodynamic agriculture.
“By calling a wine“ natural ”- affirms the president Van Maria Parrilla – we intend to underline a cultural, philosophical and spiritual concept concerning the relationship between man and nature. In wine the expression of this relationship is spontaneous fermentation, the moment of natural transformation from must to wine, when the work in the vineyard gives way to that in the cellar. This is the moment in which all the uniqueness of the vintage and the terroir can be delivered to the wine. This is why our wines are all different, while respecting the same fundamental rules of our Charter of Intent “.
During the year, the association has planned activities in the area, open to the public and to operators in the sector: the first is the Van fair in Rome (from 5 to 7 November), three days of full immersion in the experience of natural wine. in the spaces of the City of the Other Economy.

Focus – The artisan members who have currently joined the “Natural Artisan Vignaioli”
Ludovico Farm – Vittorito (L’Aquila)
McCalin by Federico Nardi – Martinsicuro (Teramo)
Estate of the Count – Cirò Marina (Crotone)
Cantine Lucà Farm – White (Reggio Calabria)
Salvatore Magnoni Farm – Rutino (Salerno)
Terra di Briganti Farm – Casalduni (Benevento)
Emilia Romagna
Maria Bortolotti Farm – Zola Predosa (Bologna)
Claudio Plessi – Castelnuovo Rangone (Modena)
Palazzo Tronconi Farm – Arce (Frosinone)
DS Bio Farm – Pescosolido (Frosinone)
I Chicchi Farm – Ardea (Rome)
Il Vecchio Poggio Farm – Isola del Liri (Frosinone)
Marco Falcone Farm – Piglio (Frosinone)
La Torretta Farm of Riccardo Magno – Grottaferrata (Rome)
Pellagroso vineyards – Castel d’Ario (Mantua)
Belvedere Estate – Montecalvo Versiggia (Pavia)
S. Marcello Estate – San Marcello (Ancona)
Vinica – Ripalimosani (Campobasso)
Vinicea – Ottiglio (Alessandria)
La Cascinetta Farm – Viarigi (Asti)
La Ginestra Agricultural Cooperative – San Casciano in val di Pesa (Florence)
La Busattina Farm – San Martino sul Fiora (Grosseto)
Casteldelpiano Farm – Licciana Nardi (Massa-Carrara)
Podere Fornace Prima – Cerreto Guidi (Florence)
Podere Fontesecca – Città della Pieve (Perugia)
The Cini House – Piegaro (Perugia)
Mani di Luna Farm – Torgiano (Perugia)

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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