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Among the large banking groups, only UniCredit was missing from the appeal of the institutions lined up alongside the Italian wineries, which are still facing the consequences of the pandemic, through the instrument of the revolving pledge: UniCredit has, in fact, signed a partnership with Federdoc and Valoritalia, leading company in the control activities carried out with the authorization of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies on Doc, Docg and Igt wines, with the aim of facilitating access to credit for wineries, with an ad hoc solution aimed at transforming the wine that rests in the cellar in financial liquidity for companies (here the other agreements between territories and banks).
Thanks to the partnership signed today, Unicredit makes new companies available to companies belonging to the sector loans guaranteed by the revolving pledge on DOP and IGP wine products. It is an innovative financing solution that allows you to carry out a timely assessment of the stocks of wine in aging and converting them into useful guarantees to obtain new short and medium-term credit lines, or for the issue of minibonds that the bank undertakes to subscribe also in the form of the Sector Basket Bonds (portfolio of minibonds issued at the same time by various companies belonging to the same production sector).
The advantage for producers is twofold: in fact, they will be able to immediately collect the credit based on the market values ​​of the PDO and PGI wine in stock and store the wine in compliance with the aging process.
, while also maintaining the availability and value of the product kept in the cellar unchanged, which will become marketable after 12, 18, 24 months or even after many more years, as is the case with the finest wines.
The initiative runs alongside the first “Chain Bond Basket “, the 200 million euro program that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and UniCredit launched in recent weeks to finance the development plans of companies belonging to strategic sectors of the Italian economy, with the first tranche for the wine sector.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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