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Taking care of the environment is everyone’s duty. Institutions, civil society and businesses. Which come together in projects such as “Tuscany’s breath”, or the “Breath of Tuscany”, promoted by Save the Planet, the Social Promotion Association that develops and supports green initiatives, with the support of the historic Tuscan winery Santa Cristina and with the patronage of the Municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo , for the eco-enhancement of the Mugello area. The initiative, which will last three years, will in fact focus on afforestation of this green area, one of the most important in the Tuscany Region.
“Tuscany’s breath” is a collaboration between the third sector, private and public, born with the aim of planting new trees in the municipal area to help reduce CO2 emissions, improve the urban environment and air quality. The project starts from the need to increase greenery to improve living conditions in the cities and adjacent areas. The area of ​​interest will be about 1200 meters in line and both trees and shrubs will be planted
. The trees, in addition to having a predominantly shading and aesthetic function, and the hedge both aesthetic and delimiting the neighboring properties, also have other ecosystemic purposes, such as filtering pollutants, noise and rainwater runoff.
Over the course of three years, the project will be to expand the peri-urban ecosystem of Borgo San Lorenzo more and more with the aim of giving citizens a green pedestrian ring around the town and a possible river park. In addition to Save the Planet, Santa Cristina and the Municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo, Cnr, the main Italian public research body, and the University of Florence will also be involved in the creation of “Tuscany’s breath”. “We are really proud to have undertaken this project together with Santa Cristina and the administration of Borgo San Lorenzo” – he declares “Elena Stoppioni, president of Save the Planet – “The goal of our non-profit association is precisely this, to develop, together with public and private sector realities, initiatives and ideas that lead to projects aimed at safeguarding our planet. In 3 years we aim to conclude Tuscany’s breath which, for sure, will return something important to the community and to the territory “. “Respect for the environment and the territory are two of the values ​​underlying our company philosophy, deriving from a long agricultural tradition” – adds Enrico Chiavacci, marketing director of Santa Cristina – “Also for this reason we wanted the project intervention area to be at our“ home ”; Tuscany. The idea of ​​being able to give something back to the territory, also in terms of improving the quality of life of the Borgo San Lorenzo community, is a source of great pride for us ”.
“An important project for the environment and for our territory” – also supports Paolo Omoboni, mayor of the Municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo “ – “a project that started from afar with discussions, meetings, inspections, which saw us engaged without proclamations, but with the awareness that bringing this collaboration between public and private to Borgo San Lorenzo could give us a strong push for the protection of ‘environment”. Tuscany’s Breath is all of this.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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