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“Always co-inhabitants of the countryside and wine-growing areas, the trees have been evicted to increase production and margins. Luckily in recent times there has been a countertrend, with trees regaining space also thanks to the greater awareness of the benefits they offer. They are also positive carriers of complexity and variety in the landscape thanks to the wide biodiversity they create or recreate in the environments where they are present. All essential elements for a contemporary agriculture that is truly attentive to the health of the environment, as well as ours. But the theme of climate change is also very topical, closely linked to the presence of trees. It is enough to cite a few examples: let’s think about the importance that trees play in shading crops (but not only the vineyard), the ability to intercept rainwater, the contrasting effect against strong winds or late frosts. It is enough to take these few steps into account to realize how much these presences in a vineyard can change the destiny of a harvest “. This was explained to WineNews by the Italian treeclimber Stefano Lorenzi, who has been involved for years in the preservation and care of monumental trees of many Italian wine estates, and among the protagonists of “Murabilia”, an exhibition of quality gardening, one of the most important events green autumnal scene along the Historical Walls of Lucca candidate for Unesco World Heritage Site (3-5 September), around the theme of “Biodiversity in the Garden and in the Orchard”, in line with what is proposed by the FAO.
A theme that will be discussed in the interventions scheduled, such as “Between trees and vineyards”, a moment of study dedicated to the role of arboriculture in the wine world. Speaker of the panel will be Stefano Lorenzi, certified arborist Etw-European Tree Worker-treeclimber and lecturer at the Agricultural School of the Monza Park, member of AA Arboriculturists Association and one of the founders of the Climbcare network of arborist companies, who will explain how the interaction between vineyard and tree plantations is not only essential, but also functional to the healthiness of the vineyard and its good yield in terms of quality. The data and experiences at the center of the intervention are the result of important collaborations with Italian wineries that the arborist will present as interesting case histories, from Col D’Orcia to Montalcino, where among the Brunello vineyards, he takes care of the Quercia di Poggio Al Vento, a 300-year-old downy oak that proudly dominates the vineyard that gives its name to a prestigious Cru, to the magic of Josko Gravner, one of the greatest Friulian and Italian vignerons who, while patiently waiting for his wines in amphorae , in the meantime, it restores promiscuity to the landscape that it treats among the vineyards of the Ribolla Gialla di Oslavia.
At “Murabilia” it is possible to see and buy the proposals of over 80 of the best Italian and foreign nurserymen, such as Dino Pelizzaro, French, specialized in the setting of exotic plants. A unique opportunity for those who want to revive their green spaces or just admire a world made of beauty and color. A show cooking is not to be missed, with Claudio Menconi, famous for his vegetable sculptures made of fruit, vegetables and imagination. Also not to be missed is a (free) visit to the Botanical Garden of Lucca, founded in 1820 by Maria Luisa di Borbone, a garden set inside the walls – which the Duchess of Lucca herself converted into a pedestrian walk in the green – just a step away from churches and historic buildings, a real journey into the world through trees and plants from every corner of the planet. But “Murabilia” also offers an exhibition dedicated to orchids, botanical species and hybrids from Italian collections, real jewels of refinement that cannot be found elsewhere, and “Botalia”, an exhibition dedicated to botanical illustration.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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