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There are dozens of international music stars who have turned to wine production. But among the most successful stories, one is that of Kylie Minogue, Australian singer who, together with Benchmark Drinks, a London company, has chosen the Zonin 1821 Group, among the most important wineries in Italy, to produce her own Prosecco Rosé , which, in just one year, became the first Prosecco Rosé in the UK and was launched in the US these days. Launch that takes place in conjunction with the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian company, with Kylie Minogue herself who, in these days, visited the headquarters of the historic winery, in Gambellara (Vicenza).
“I am honored and thrilled by the feedback from Kylie Minogue Wines. Selling over a million bottles of Prosecco Rosé in less than a year confirms the extraordinary value of the Zonin182,1 team alongside which Benchmark Drinks and I are lucky enough to work. The joy that Kylie Minogue Wines give to such an incredible number of people around the world continues to excite me! “, said the singer. Although the company has nine estates that extend over 4,000 hectares of land – seven of which in the Bel Paese, one in Virginia in the United States and one in Chile – and is present in over 140 countries around the world today, just like two hundred years ago, Gambellara, a small town near Vicenza, was the beating heart of the Zonin 1821 Group. And it is here, among the luxuriant Venetian hills, that an intrigued Kylie Minogue was welcomed by the Zonin family and invited to discover the production methods of wine, Prosecco curiosities and the history of the territory.
“We are delighted to partner with a big star like Kylie Minogue and Benchmark Drinks. It was a great pleasure to welcome you to our historic headquarters in Gambellara – added Francesco Zonin, vice president of Zonin1821 – and accompany her to discover our family business, its suggestive hills and our wine area. If on the one hand we are an international company known all over the world, on the other hand our mission is still strongly linked to the enhancement of this territory, of local culture and skills. Just as this visit shows us, the wine sector is a real excellence of “made in Italy”, which continues to intrigue, fascinate and make a very transversal and increasingly broader audience dream at international level: enthusiasts or simply enthusiasts they want to discover the “invisible of the visible” or where it is born and how it is produced what they choose for their table every day “.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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