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Three new products of combinations of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the 2020/2021 vintage

Blending and innovative packaging: the new frontiers of oil at Palazzo Varignana.

The art of olive oil also develops optimally in blending, the combination of monocultivar oils, which allows to obtain unprecedented palatal balances and unexpected nuances.

And so the Varignana home oleologist has created three new Extra Virgin Oils, and an innovative “Bag in Tube”, an alternative to the classic glass bottles or cans, with a practical and elegant packaging, created to avoid oxidation of the oil.

Established in 2015, the agricultural company of Palazzo di Varignana has launched an ambitious agronomic project that has led it to have today the largest olive grove in all of Emilia Romagna: over 150 hectares of farms that surround the resort like a crown.

An integrated zero km supply chain that offers a very high quality oil, with a search for excellence that begins from the moment of harvesting, which in Varignana takes place slightly in advance of the full ripeness of the olive.

This is a choice that, although it involves a lower yield, allows to obtain oils rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants particularly intense in the unripe fruit.

Una vera e propria vocazione a ripristinare le antiche varietà di olivi: studi e ricerche storiche hanno infatti rivelato che in questa terra d’Emilia, dai tempi dei Romani fino al 1700, si coltivava l’olivo. 
Una tradizione che si interruppe a causa della cosiddetta piccola glaciazione.  A 400 anni di distanza, Palazzo di Varignana ha riportato le varietà più antiche di olivo a popolare le colline, ricucendo tempo e spazio per tornare a produrre un Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva di eccellenza.

“Mixology is an eclectic art. It is applied to gastronomy, to the use of color, perfume, flavor. It celebrates the encounter between materials in order to find new expressions of authenticity ”.

With this incipit opens the new tale of the Blend of extra virgin olive oil from Palazzo di Varignana, the result of the 2020/2021 oil campaign.

A story that starts from an Oleologist’s study and blending work, and not from the joint milling of different olive cultivars. The oleologist has in fact blended monocultivar oils in search of a perfume that was not there, of a new flavor, that of the spirit of the time.

Il blending consiste nel selezionare elementi con caratteristiche diverse e combinarle nel giusto equilibrio, per ottenere un risultato che superi in qualità ogni singola parte.

The result of this style exercise are the three new Extra Virgin Oils characterized by great complexity and an evident aromatic and gustatory balance.

An unprecedented expression of flavors and aromas, with a distinctive and peculiar personality:

  • the Blend Blue cultivar Correggiolo, Leccio del Corno and Pendolino
  • the Blend Verde cultivar M.aurino Vittoria, Verzola and Leccino Selection
  • there “Bag in Tube” cultivar Frantoio, Leccino and Nostrana proposed in a brand new packaging designed to guarantee the highest quality in conservation and contrast to the natural oxidants of the oil.

Here in detail the specific characteristics of the individual products:

The Blue Blend

Obtained from the combination of cultivars Correggiolo, Leccio del Corno and Pendolino, the Blend Blu stands out for its intense golden green color.

On the nose there is a wide fruity aroma of green olives and vegetal references of remarkable finesse.

On the palate a fresh texture of herbaceous notes is supported by an important bitterness, closing a long and balanced spicy.

It is ideal to accompany bruschetta, salads, pinzimonio, fresh and au gratin vegetables, carpaccio, legume soups and grilled game meats.

Prezzo: 17€ per confezione da 500 ml

The Green Blend

It comes from the union of the cultivars Maurino Vittoria, Verzola and Leccino Selection, this blend with a light green color.

On the nose it is broad and aromatic, with a hint of olives in the right degree of ripeness. Of a medium-intense fruity flavor, it has clearly distinguishable notes of artichoke, green apple and freshly cut aromatic herbs. In the final, well balanced, the bitter and spicy follow.

It is a balanced and very versatile oil, particularly suitable to combine with bruschetta, salads, dips, fresh and au gratin vegetables, legume soups, grilled meats.

Prezzo: 17€ per confezione da 500 ml

The new Bag in Tube

Always attentive to the excellence of its products, Palazzo di Varignana is also looking for the best way to preserve their organoleptic characteristics over time.

A research that led to the introduction of the Bag in Tube”: A new packaging concept that is establishing itself as a valid alternative to traditional glass bottles and metal cans for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Bag in Tube represents the most efficient, ecological and modern way to prevent oxidation and guarantee perfect conservation in daily use. Thanks to the characteristics of the container, the oil is always new at every taste: protected from oxygen, its most dangerous enemy, it keeps the aromas intact, preserves its organoleptic qualities and protects its nutraceutical virtues.

The “Bag in Tube”Of Palazzo di Varignana houses inside a blend of Extra Virgin obtained mainly by pressing from the cultivars of Frantoio, Leccino and Nostrana.

Pale green in color, it is well balanced both to the nose and to the taste, with a moderate bitterness and spiciness.

A versatile oil, ideal for pairing with a wide variety of foods: from vegetables, to first courses to fish.

Prezzo: bag in tube da 3 litri a 54€

Il Blend Verde e Blu, così come la nuova Bag in Tube e tutti gli altri prodotti di Palazzo di Varignana possono essere acquistati online nella sezione e-commerce del sito, oltre che nello shop e nei ristoranti all’interno del Resort.

The peculiarity of this place is that oil lovers can enjoy it in all forms, not only in the “bag tube”!

Indeed the food project of Palazzo di Varignana, in continuous development, aims to spread the culture of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, offering a 360 ° experience in the world of oil, which starts from the cultivation and continues inside the Resort.

The guest is accompanied to the direct discovery of the Oils through tasting routes of extra virgin olive oils; oil-centric menus at restaurants take charge of establishing new opportunities to discover the relationship between oil and food, between cuisine and matter; Oil-centric treatments and massages at the Spa bring to the dimension of the pleasures of the senses and in the care of beauty the natural values ​​that the earth first and then the olive tree were able to distil.

A structure that offers well-being and more.

A story of hospitality, nature, culture and good taste.

Paalazzo di Varignana Resort & Spa is located in the elegant setting of the Bolognese hills, immersed in the sweet Emilian landscape.

Heart of the project is Bentivoglio Palace, an ancient villa dating back to 1705 and renovated respecting the charm of its history. Around it, surrounded by ornamental gardens, water sources and enchanting views, there are a series of other buildings, forming a small village surrounded by nature.

The whole is an original and sustainable model of widespread hospitality.

The Resort houses 134 contemporary-style rooms, three independent villas, two restaurants, a 3700 sqm SPA with 5 outdoor swimming pools, gym, sports fields, a modern conference center and spaces for events.

The farm was born in 2015, dedicated to transforming the beauty of the natural landscape into a resource that is not only contemplative, but aimed at restoring ancient native crops and creating a real circular model in which the lands of Palazzo di Varignana produce most of the foods used in the restaurants and in the Resort.

A set of land that today has reached over 300 hectares, from which high quality zero-kilometer products are born.

To the 150 hectares of olive groves, 42 hectares of vineyards are added, in which mainly native grapes are grown, 3000 meters of vegetable garden, one hectare of almond groves, a strawberry grove, an orchard of apples, pears, apricots and cherries, 4000 meters of goji , a terraced garden with 42 different aromatic herbs and a very original and rare production of saffron.

Palazzo di Varignana, a blending of flavor and well-being.

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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