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An analysis of the potential of Italian wine companies in identifying innovative strategies for positioning their wine in the most promising markets in the world, highlighting the levers and paths to achieve the most ambitious goals, in the post-pandemic scenario. Here is “Market strategy and management of the wine business – Building the future after the pandemic”, a new volume that arises from the collaboration between Riccardo Cotarella, an internationally renowned winemaker, at the helm of Assoenologi and the Union Internationale des Oenologues, Sergio Cimino, mature management engineer, and Jolanda Tinarelli, passionate wine manager. A real manual for quick and frequent consultation, to make the strategy more effective and the management of the cellar of the Third Millennium more efficient.
It is precisely the cross fertilization between the different knowledge and the contamination between the different experiences of the authors that give the volume (Edagricole edizioni, March 2022, pp. 224, cover price 26 euros) innovative and original connotations to “read” a world of wine that proves to be less and less part of the narrow stereotypes of normality and more and more in transformation.
From the analysis of the post-pandemic change in the wine market, carried out with the qualified support of Denis Pantini of Wine Monitor – Nomismathe authors’ reflection on the new models of value creation begins, also reporting the testimony of authoritative entrepreneurial and institutional protagonists such as Piero Antinori, Gian Marco Centinaio, Micaela Pallini, Giulio Somma, Luca Rigotti, Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, Roberta Garibaldi, and Giovanni Mantovani.
The key management issues are then addressed to ensure continuity and development of our wineries, enhancing their experience, their brand and their territory: strategic planning, operating budget, control, staff organization, the construction of governance, synergy and generational handover.
The simple and direct exposition is made even more incisive by tables, graphs, paths and reading schemes that make the text a real breviary, as he writes Oscar Farinetti and confirm Donatella Cinelli Colombini, who shared the authors’ initiative accompanied by acute entrepreneurial reflections. Of great thickness the contributions of Angelo Gaja, Mario Morcellini and Attilio Scienza.
With the deep conviction, underlined several times by the authors, and by their guests, that the profound change taking place is not managed by resorting exclusively to M&A operations, or mergers and acquisitions, but also by inventing and implementing innovative business models that leverage the specific and distinctive characteristics that each wine company possesses, however small it may be, and favoring initiatives of collaboration, alliance, network, integration and combination between the many qualified actors capable of interpreting increasingly strategic and demanding roles with the necessary determination in a scenario that is more competitive and selective each year.
Proceeds from the sale of the volume are destined for the Pairi Foundation, an international research center for autism and other diseases.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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