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A new reality in Vibo Valentia takes part in our Food Stories Behind the Bars.

Callipo, a canned fish company, takes the job to prison by hiring 7 inmates.

For the fourth consecutive year, the collaboration project between the fish canning company with a history of 106 years and the Vibo Valentia penitentiary is renewed, which involves the recruitment of seven inmates for the packaging of 11,000 Christmas gift ideas.

It is about gift boxes, containing a selection of the company’s fine products, which will be put on sale for the Christmas holidays.

The career path includes coaching by Callipo’s expert staff to transfer both the packaging techniques and the corporate spirit and the values ​​that guide every activity of the company to the prisoners-workers.

The work-training combination is intended to be a positive signal to make the prisoners feel involved as an integral part of the company, working together with the employees in an area of ​​the penitentiary used for this project.

An initiative with a strong social value that wants to offer a second chance and hope for the prisoners to look to the future, to believe in the possibility of rebuilding a life after the end of the sentence, which is the meaning of all these tales of “stories of food behind bars”.

These are the words of the Dr. Angela Marcello, Director of the Vibo Valentia Penitentiary:

“I am particularly grateful to the entrepreneur Callipo for the particular attention shown again this year towards this structure, confirming the recruitment of 7 prisoners.

I hope his commitment will also be an example for other entrepreneurs who can consider the penitentiary institution as a concrete opportunity also for their activities, giving more opportunities to the prisoners of the structure “.

Callipo is the concrete example of how you can do business in the south with a spirit of sacrifice, honesty, respect for the rules, without compromise, creating economic and social value in a difficult area full of contradictions.

A land, Calabria, where the company has been operating with success, stubbornness and continuous commitment for 106 years.

And the President and Cavaliere del Lavoro Pippo Callipo, proud to give, concretely, an opportunity for redemption to 7 inmates of the Vibo Valentia penitentiary:

“It is also a very significant opportunity for our employees who, every year, at the end of the project, say they feel humanly touched by the confrontation with the prisoners and their stories, often melancholy but full of the hope of being able to take up their their life.

I thank the director of the penitentiary, Dr. Angela Marcello, for having immediately accepted our request for the continuation of the project, successfully launched in recent years with the previous director Antonio Galati ”.

Callipo has entrusted the management of the recruitment of prisoners to Openjobmetis SpA, the first and only Employment Agency listed on the Italian stock exchange, present on the market for over 17 years, active in the research, administration, redeployment and training of personnel.

A small note on Callipo Group, consisting of 6 companies that employ a total of about 400 employees:

  • Callipo Group Srl,
  • Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari Spa,
  • Popilia Srl, Callipo Gelateria Srl,
  • Callipo Sport Srl e
  • Callipo Turismo Srl.

Between these, Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari SpA is one of the Italian excellences with a history of 106 years. The company was founded in 1913 in Pizzo Calabro (VV) and today is led by the Cavaliere del Lavoro Filippo Callipo, flanked by his sons Giacinto and Filippo Maria who represent the fifth generation of the family.

The real strength of Callipo is the processing of tuna, carried out entirely in Italy starting from whole fish.

The company’s production plant is in Maierato (VV), covers an area of ​​about 34,000 square meters, 9,000 of which are covered, and offers an image of modernity and efficiency due to the advanced technology of the systems and equipment.

And soon we will also visit this prison, to include it by right in the Stories of Food behind the Bars – paper version!

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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