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With spring entering the wine, the temperatures that, after the grip of last week’s frost, return to rise, and the desire to go (as early as April 26) to eat out, on the wish list of bottles to put on ice Vermentino inevitably comes up, a wine that naturally looks to the sea and to summer, whose production is historically linked to the most beautiful coasts of the boot, overlooking the Mediterranean, between Sardinia and Tuscany. Especially in Maremma, where Vermentino is the protagonist vine of the enological relaunch of the young Doc, with 832 hectares of vineyards from which 50% of the bottles of Vermentino produced throughout Tuscany are born. At the top, Agricola Del Nudo Nudo Bio 2019, Azienda Guido F. Fendi Chicca 2019, Belguardo Code V 2019, Castelprile Prelius Bio 2019, Colle Petruccio Norcias 2019, I Cavallini Diaccio 2019, Monterò Monterò Bio 2019, Tenuta Dodici Vermentino 2019, Terre dell ‘Etruria Marmato 2020 and Val delle Rose Litorale 2019. That is, the best labels that emerged from the “Vermentino Grand Prix”, the event organized by the Consortium of Wines of the Tuscan Maremma, which crowned the ten best variations of Vermentino Maremma, according to the jury led by Luciano Ferraro (Corriere della Sera), which includes practically all the Michelin stars in the area, from Roberto Rossi (Ristorante Il Silene) to Davide Macaluso (Trattoria Bartolini – L’Andana), from Andrea Menichetti (Ristorante Caino) to Alessandro Rossi (Ristorante Gabbiano 3.0), to Marianna Ciancarelli (Ristorante Il Pellicano).
“Just over half of the wines presented come from the 2020 harvest and, like last year, there is no shortage of companies that offer more mature Vermentini, sometimes aged in wood, cement, amphora, cocciopesto and among the various labels Vermentini in purity or in blend with other white grape varieties, up to a maximum of 15% as required by the production regulations “, explains Luca Pollini, director of the Tuscan Maremma Consortium.
“The trend of the last edition is confirmed: 100% Vermentino wines and those of the previous year with more prolonged refinements prevailed, even if they were in the minority. The efforts that the producers are making on this vine are therefore appreciated and we must continue to work with a defined direction in order to affirm our Denomination thanks to the ever higher quality “, adds Francesco Mazzei, president of the Tuscan Maremma Consortium. “I am increasingly convinced that Vermentino Maremma Toscana has what it takes not only to position itself among the great white wines of the world, but also to compete with the great red wines of Tuscany, becoming one of the major keystones of our Denomination” , says Mazzei. “It is a particularly versatile vine, suitable for the production of both fresh and aged wines; this – combined with a still uncontaminated and very varied territory, which goes from the coastal strip to the Metalliferous Hills and Mount Amiata, and the ability of individual winemakers to enhance the grapes of the different areas in the cellar – makes it possible to have a production in continuous qualitative growth and great appeal for the consumer, as this second edition of the Vermentino Gran Prix demonstrates ”, concludes Francesco Mazzei.

Focus – Vermentino in the Tuscan Maremma Doc
With 832 hectares in production in 2021 – in 2006 there were 138, going from 2.2 to 9.5% of the Grosseto vineyard – Vermentino is the first white grape variety in the province of Grosseto and represents over 50% of the Vermentino produced in the Grosseto area. whole Tuscany. In 2020 the production of this variety represented 1/3 of the entire harvest of the DOC Maremma Toscana, with 1,722,400 bottles produced, which led the Vermentino Maremma Toscana DOC to be the most bottled type (30% of the total) of the DOC Maremma Toscana, surpassing the Rosso (28%).

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Marco Ribaudo

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