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A chain of restaurants named after Sophia Loren, one of the greatest actresses in the history of cinema and an icon of Italianness in every corner of the world: it will be called “Sophia Loren, Original Italian Food”, born from the partnership between Luciano Cimmino, Neapolitan entrepreneur driving of Pianoforte holding, which controls the fashion brands Carpisa and Yamamay and the diva herself, and will open its doors, with the first restaurant, in Florence. On the menu, the pizzas signed by Francesco Martucci, best pizza chef in Italy 2020 with the local “I Masanielli” in Caserta, and the dishes of Gennarino Esposito, two Michelin star chef with “La Torre del Saracino” in Vico Equense. As the entrepreneur himself told the “Corriere Economia”, “I have always wondered why no one had ever thought of a real entrepreneurial plan in the restaurant business together with the diva, rather than playing with her name, using it in a semi-clandestine way. In fact, for some time I had in mind a chain of restaurants with its brand, with its participation put in black and white, which will be called “Sophia Loren, Original Italian Food”.
In partnership with Luciano Cimmino, who holds the majority stake (32%) of “Dream Food” there are “the Carlino family, Sergio Ubaldo and Francesco Pinto, the architect Ivo Maria Redaelli, who set up the first restaurant, the entrepreneur Nicola Giglio with activities in the watch sector and the financial company of a professional from the Milanese city”, says Cimmino again. Cost of the operation, up to now, far from trivial. “The agreement with Sophia Loren is a six-zero, hybrid license agreement, with the advance of a substantial fee, plus royalties, percentages on revenues. Over two million euros for clubs in Florence (a stone’s throw from Brunelleschi’s Dome, ed), with two professional kitchens and two ovens, and the investment for 40 hires: 270 seats. In addition to the five-figure consultancy with the starred chef and the master pizza maker ”. Future plans already include expansion abroad, probably destined to become the core business of “Sophia Loren, Original Italian Food”, from Dubai to Miami, but also Hong Kong and Shanghai …

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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