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Simone Mantovani, hero student of Frisi hospitality saves a three-year-old child.

Award ceremony at school, with a plaque by the institutions, with Marco Bussetti.

Simone, 20 years old on March 8, is a smart and bright boy, from the time he spends on social media he has also learned to save a life. A lesson that he did not believe he had learned, but which he managed to put into practice by saving the life of a child, his neighbor who was suffocating.

Baby safe, happy parents, proud teachers and school!

From cooking lessons to life lessons, the step is short and passes through a very young saved life.

An example to be rewarded, and so it was done.

And today, March 30th, Simone received a plaque from Marco Bussetti, manager of the territorial school office, to acknowledge this student in person, and thank him for the great gesture of courage.

The plaque shows exactly the message of thanks:

“For the courage, competence, and determination shown in saving the life of the little neighbor who was suffocating.”

We met him too, in his happiness hidden behind a mask that covers the smile but not the awake eyes.

We are in Milan, at the Frisi Institute, Simone has his plaque in his hand, he has just received official compliments and thanks, he was the center of attention at a meeting organized in his school with the manager of Frisi Luca Azzolini, with his professors and with his companions, because that’s right.

These are beautiful gestures, to be told, also and above all in one area, that of Quarto Oggiaro which is often described for only negative acts.

We let Simone tell us everything in detail about thisn March 17, when he, during the last lesson of the Dads of the day, found himself rescuing a three-year-old child who was in danger of suffocating for ingesting a plastic ball.

“It was two in the afternoon, I was finishing the remote lesson, we were waiting for the history question. But my neighbor is playing to me, my grandmother with her three-year-old grandson, a child I know well, I have practically seen him being born, she screams that the child is choking, my reaction comes automatically, from all the scenes I have seen on social media, I felt prepared and didn’t even know I was.

I once saw a video in which some boys practiced this maneuver to help those who are suffocating (the Heimlich maneuver, ed), then I took the baby and made it on him.

Then with the 118 on the phone I got the directions of what I had to do, I followed them to the letter, and then the time to take the child to the street and the ambulance had arrived, they were very fast and really good “.

Simone thanks the rescuers, but the medical staff compliments him on his coolness and his ability to react.

Without that we wouldn’t be here to tell a story with a happy ending.

And so we come to today, with the opportunity to meet at school, and do it in a “life lesson” by a twenty year old student.

Cold blood, ability to react and above all instinct and attention.

Not just skills, useful for those entering the world of work … and life.

And with a life saved in the curriculum, Simone certainly has an advantage, not exclusively on a professional level, but above all from a personal point of view, which is what counts!

Congratulations Simone.

Good life in the world of cooking, you have already learned the most important recipe!

Here are some pictures of the day, with the compliments to simone of the manager Bussetti:


Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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