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After the pandemic from which Italy is slowly trying to escape, and despite the boom in e-commerce, which will remain a more important channel than in the past, the future of wine consumption will be where it has always been. That is, away from home, in clubs and restaurants, in meeting places, where wine is an element of an experience full of sociability. This is Signorvino’s message, who, despite having launched his e-commerce channel, but always as a completion of the “physical” experience, has continued to open stores even in the pandemic ( five venues, from July 2020, and now present in all the most important cities, from Verona to Milan, from Florence to Bergamo, from Parma to Turin, and beyond), and which just today inaugurated, via video conference, the n . 22, in Rome, in the central Piazza Barberini, hoping for the next restart of the restaurant, scheduled, pandemic permitting, from 26 April. Inauguration that falls, however, precisely on April 21, the day of the “birthday” of the capital: “a gift for the city, but above all for us, because it wants to be a sign of trust in wine and in the future”, explained Federico Veronesi, general manager Signorvino and in the ownership of the Calzedonia Group, and Luca Pizzighella, brand manager Signorvino, who already have new openings scheduled in Italy, in Milan and Turin, and then abroad, “perhaps between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022”, when the international pandemic picture will be really better, and perhaps starting from Northern Europe or Eastern Europe.

A landing, the one in the center of Rome (after the store in Viale Maximo), strongly desired: “it is a market we care a lot about and that the parent company (the Calzedonia Group of Sandro Veronesi, ed) knows well with all the others brands ”, Pizzighella emphasizes. He adds: “The choice of location was not easy. We want to bring wine among people, where people stay and live. There will be an important external space, which today is fundamental but always strategic. And as elsewhere there will be a large selection not only of local wines, but from all over Italy, because we want to enhance Italian wine. Also for this reason we have only made in Italy labels in reference, with some exclusive selections only for us, and one of our strengths is that the price of the bottle in the serving is the same as that of the shelf, because our goal is to make people appreciate and getting to know wine to as many people as possible, simply making a world that is complex accessible ”.

A strong bond, the one that in Lazio, not only for Signorvino who opened in Rome, but also for the Veronesi family, who became a wine producer with a company in Lanuvio, Tenimenti del Leone, with 30 hectares of vineyards, ” because we are convinced that the wines of Lazio, also thanks to the appeal of the Doc Roma, can be valued and told many more than they are today ”, Federico Veronesi explained to WineNews.

But, returning to Signorvino, if the pandemic, obviously, weighed on the accounts, which, in 2019, told of a turnover of 30 million euros (and marked -40% in 2020), with the new openings, when everything returns to full capacity, it aims at at least 50 million euros, explained Pizzighella and Veronesi. “The training of our employees is fundamental, but also the monitoring of trends. And, if on the one hand, we see that advanced consumers are looking for more complex wines, but also follow the trend of sustainable ones and rosés, many consumers, especially among young people, are looking for simpler wines, which give immediate pleasure even to those of wine doesn’t know much. And this – underlines Federico Veronesi – is the path that Signorvino has always taken, that of making wine more democratic. People want simplicity, reassurance, even from a product towards which there is a kind of fear, of reverence ”. In any case, clear trends emerge between in-store and online purchases, for Signorvino: “in the store we see that the products of the territories in which we are located go much more – Pizzighella emphasizes – also thanks to the explanation of our collaborators to customers, and the selections we have exclusively. On the online, however, the most well-known names and brands are preferred “.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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