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The growth in the consumption of rosé wines is one of the most evident phenomena of recent years. Between 2000 and 2019, the growth was 15.8%, compared to + 2.5% for wine as a whole. Italy represents the fifth market in the world for consumption of rosé wines (13% of the total), while it accounts for about 7% of world production (26.4 million hectoliters of rosé wine in 2018), with four regions, Veneto , Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Puglia, capable, in 2020, of concentrating 67% of the national PDO and PGI rosé production. According to the research by Wine Monitor Nomisma, for Easter Vigneti e Cantine, historic Valpolicella winery of the Pasqua family, in the launch of its new project in pink (the “Y” wine, a blend of two native Veneto wines, Corvina and Trebbiano di Lugana, and Carmenère, all coming from vineyards on Lake Garda, after the “11 Minutes” the first rosé launched in 2017 by the winery). Which has entrusted Wine Monitor with a focus on two key markets for the company: the US and the UK.

One of the most interesting evidences of the research notes, in the last year, the significant growth in the market shares of luxury and super luxury labels, as a consequence of the switch between the sales channels. In the USA, off-premise sales at the value of still rosé rose by 126.7% between 2011 and 2020, with a + 75.2% on the total table wine and a turnover that, in the last year , has exceeded $ 1 billion. Despite the still marginal market share (6%), our rosé wines have marked the most significant variation in the last year (+ 63.9% between 2019 and 2020), with prices per bottle on the rise and which place our country behind France for positioning in the band.

“The American market, especially in the last year, has proved to be particularly sensitive and receptive to high quality products – said Alessandro Pasqua, president of Pasqua USA – especially in the agri-food sector. The rosé wine sector, which enjoys particular favor in the USA, represents a great opportunity to be seized and it is in this groove that we intend to continue working. Made in Italy is confirmed as one of the consumer’s privileged choices by virtue of its great heritage and perceived excellence and we believe that Y’s value positioning will meet the favor of customers “.

Across the Channel, in the UK, similar trends can be observed, with a 59.9% growth in value of Italian rosés in the off-premise. In 2020, again following the change in purchasing methods by the public, the choice of products based on price range was even more evident, with a growth of 257% for premium wines (from £ 12 upwards ). “Our cellar has always been particularly attentive to the world of rosé – said Riccardo Pasqua, at Easter Vineyards and Cellars – and Y represents a new, important chapter. We are proud of what we have managed to achieve with this wine, born from a deep understanding of the territory and its vines and from a meticulous research on the best winemaking method. Y explores the many expressive and aromatic nuances that rosé can offer and we are convinced that it has all the characteristics to become a protagonist on the international scene “. For the launch of Y, Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine, continuing his collaborations with artists and creatives, he entrusted the collective of Italian artists None (with whom he had already collaborated in the release of Hey French: You Could Have Made This But You Didn ‘ t) the task of translating the multifaceted complexity of this wine through an immersive digital installation, which was the scenography for the presentation of the new rosé in global streaming.

Focus – The winery’s iconic wines grow 45% in 2020

Despite a difficult 2020 globally, the Easter margin has grown, thanks to the fundamental contribution of the winery’s Icons, which sees its premium wines register + 45%. The global strategy to enhance the winery’s most representative labels, which also drags the more tactical ones, saw an expansive marketing and communication budget compared to the previous year. The consolidated value of production is equal to 55 million euros, a moderate decrease of 8%, much more contained than the sector average.

The Easter Crisis Recipe Vineyards and Cellars can be summarized in continuous investment in research and development, on the enhancement of the brand and talent of the actors involved and on the ability to decline the range proposal according to the market and the sales channel, also through targeted communication strategies. Digital continues to play a key role in the development and consolidation of the Easter Vineyards and Cellars business, which has proved to be a forerunner of trends, since e-commerce platforms have seen user traffic grow in 2020 between 15 and 30% and now even B2B seems to be increasingly oriented towards online interaction methods.

“Despite the perfect storm that engulfed the entire sector in 2020 – declares Umberto Pasqua, president of Pasqua Vineyards and Cellars – ours proves to be a solid reality, which has not only continued to invest in innovation, but also in the value and talent of its employees, through important corporate welfare policies. We are confident that, thanks largely to the exceptional progress made by the scientific community, the light at the end of the tunnel is closer. On our side, we are ready to face all the new challenges that await us with renewed enthusiasm ”.

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