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The most terrifying slaps in the history of the big screen instead of blood and shootings, the beans, “which still sucked”, the destroyed saloons and the restaurants in which etiquette commits suicide in the face of phrases like “you have to bring us food and also quickly ”as the maître of the“ best manger in the whole state ”replies, I’m not alone the cult scenes that are part of the collective imagination linked to the “Trinity” saga with the adventures of Trinity and his “big brother” Child, the “right and left hand of the Devil”, and that everyone, to any generation we belong and in four corners of the world, we know by heart. But they are also those who in one fell swoop have created a cinematic phenomenon linked to the most beloved couple of Italian cinema, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, and invented the “western beans”, the parody of the “spaghetti western”. Today, half a century after the release of “… They continued to call it Trinity” in 1971, it is the first Italian “Cinematic Winery” to celebrate the Anniversary n. 50 of the most watched film ever in the history of Italian cinema, still an unbeaten champion of spectators and audiences, sequel to “They called him Trinity …”: Rocca delle Macìe, historic producer of cinema and Chianti Classico, founded by Italo Zingarelli, producer and director of the films directed by EB Clucher, and led by his family.
“The beauty of every film, like those made by our father, lies above all in the eyes and emotions of those who have watched them and still watch them today – Sergio Zingarelli explains to WineNews – it is not only to celebrate “Trinity” and “… They kept calling it Trinity” that in these two years we have pleasantly met in Rocca delle Macìe. These two great films have allowed us to start a new path for our family, that of wine which, like cinema, arouses strong, concrete and identity emotions thanks above all to the charm of our territory.. Following the success of last year’s event, we have decided – he adds – to dedicate a new series of initiatives to the second film in the series. A way of paying tribute to our father Italo, who thanks to the successes of his courageous vision allowed the birth of Rocca delle Macìe, and to prepare the ground for the “golden wedding” of our Estate “.
The 10-year celebrations of “… They kept calling him Trinity”, last night, with a “Country Party” in the midst of the olive trees of the Castellina in Chianti estate inspired by the “backstage” and the “Trinità” sets, with the projection on big screen of the remastered film and a multi-handed dinner under the stars by chefs Maurizio Bardotti (from the “Osteria Passo after Passo”, the brand’s restaurant), Jacopo Pereira (Il Frantoio, Colle Val d’Elsa), Alessandro Rossi ( of the starry Gabbiano 3.0, Marina di Grosseto) and Marco Neri (Taverna San Giuseppe, Siena), represent the second of the anniversaries n. 50 “founders” of the company, after that of “They called him Trinity …” (released in theaters in 1970, when it was seen by almost 9 million people, cashing in over 3 billion lire), a company that, in the heart del Chianti Classico, is increasingly affirmed as a new “movie destination” for lovers of Italian wine and cinema, thanks to the “Piccolo Museo Galleria Trinità”, with relics from the sets, memorabilia and unpublished scene photos, a destination for desires for the millions of fans who still today the “Trinity” saga boasts all over the world in a passionate generational and international following. Merit of the partnership between two of the greatest actors and one of the most important Italian producers, in a “union that has marked the history of Italian cinema and which is due to the foresight of our father Italo – recalls Sandra Zingarelli, who has always been closer to the film branch of the family – who was able to read in those screenplays the desire, in an Italy that was experiencing the first important economic and social difficulties, to re-emerge and start again, with strength and lightness “.
And it certainly cannot be missing a Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2019 collectible, the bottled “star” of Rocca delle Macìe, and the second limited edition, produced in only 1971 magnums to commemorate the year the film was released in theaters, obtained from Sangiovese grown in the Tenute Le Macìe and Sant’Alfonso, the first to be purchased in 1973 by Italo Zingarelli, dedicated by the three sons Fabio, Sandra and Sergio Zingarelli to their father, and “dressed”, this time, by “… They kept calling him Trinity” always with the hand art of the Graphic Workshop in Florence (the price on the shelf is 200 eurosand the same special edition was made last year for the first film with 1970 magnum of Gran Selezione 2016 dedicated to “Lo Chiamavano Trinità”, ed). To taste it in preview, together with WineNews (who last year toasted with Terence Hill with the director Alessandro Regoli), many personalities, from the world of wine, institutions, such as the vice president of the Tuscany Region Stefania Saccardi, and cinema , by the brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, the “Oliver Onions”, an Italian musical group from Rome, arrangers and authors of soundtracks in the seventies and eighties, and almost all the soundtracks of the films of the Spencer-Hill couple, Daniele De Gemini, artistic director of the Beat Records Company, the oldest Italian record company specializing in soundtracks, maestro Renato Casaro, one of the most important and famous Italian film poster designers, actor and chef Andy Luotto, cartoonist Baldisserotto and musician Annibale Giannarelli, author and interpreter of the music of “Trinità” and the best in “The Voice Senior 2021”who gave (before the screening of the film) a performance on the piano, with a legendary voice, capable of thrilling the over two hundred guests to a party as beautiful as it was with a familiar flavor, on the splendid terrace of the Tenuta di Rocca delle Macìe, between the beauty of a land cultivated by man and “painted” by cypresses, olive trees and vineyards, as far as the eye can see.
Celebrations that also launch the third “golden” anniversary that will be celebrated in 2023, that of the foundation of Rocca delle Macìea reality in which today wine (produced in over 200 hectares of vineyards out of a total of 500 of the brand, divided between the estates owned by Le Macìe, Sant’Alfonso, the Riserva di Fizzano and the Tavolelle in Chianti Classico, Campo Maccione and Casa Maria in Maremma in the Morellino di Scansano area for an average production of 1.8 million bottles and a turnover of 21 million euros, over 70% made abroad, with oenologists Luca Francioni and Lorenzo Landi), gastronomy (with the restaurant led by the starred chef Bardotti), and cinema, live in synergy, alongside hospitality. After all, these are the passions of the founder handed down in the family, since in the same years of the release in theaters of his most famous films, Italo Zingarelli, a Roman of origin, crowned his dream of life thanks to his cinematographic successes, after having worked with directors of the caliber of Ingmar Bergman, Ettore Scola, Martin Scorsese, and more, and after falling madly in love with one of the most beautiful wine territories in the world between the Siena of the Middle Ages and the Florence of the Renaissance, as we are today of “Trinity”.

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Marco Ribaudo

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