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At home, with family, or with a few or many friends, after a swab for safety but without giving up a little sociality, or maybe in the square where things are better and where the season is milder and allows you to be comfortable too. outdoors today the world celebrates the last toast to 2021, dreaming of a better 2022. And, in many glasses, the flavor will be that of made in Italy, with 620 million bottles of tricolor sparkling wines that will be uncorked all over the world, 29% more than 2020, according to updated estimates by Coldiretti (on Istat data ).
With the value of exports of made in Italy bubbles alone which will reach 1.9 billion euros. According to the estimates of the agricultural organization, the most passionate consumers of Italian sparkling have become the Americans, with the US which, with + 44% in quantity over 2020, surpasses the United Kingdom, in any case growing in volumes by + 12%, despite Brexit. And the very stable Germany remains on the podium, in third position, with + 2% in volume. According to Coldiretti, the most popular products in the world include Prosecco, Asti and Franciacorta, which also grow in France, the land of Champagne (+ 16%).
But Italian sparkling wine is also very popular in Russia (+ 52%), as well as in China (+ 29%) and Japan (+ 18%). Much success but also many imitations for Italian bubbles, remembers Coldiretti, a widespread phenomenon in all continents, starting from Europe where bottles of German Kressecco and Meer-Secco are also sold loose on tap in English pubs. And the final decision of the European Commission is awaited on the application for registration of the traditional mention Prosek, the Croatian wine that in the name recalls the star of the tricolor sparkling wines.
Positive sales, points out Coldiretti, also in Italy, where 85 million bottles will be uncorked with the end of year celebrations, an increase of 35% compared to last year. All the main denominations are growing, from those with the classic method, such as Trentodoc, Oltrepò Pavese and Franciacorta, to those with the Italian method, such as Asti and Prosecco (from Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg to Doc, in Asolo, ed) or from other territories that in recent years they have seen a significant increase in the production of bubbles, often from historic or native vines.
Estimates, those of Coldiretti, which arrive in the last day of a year which, therefore, will be collected for all European sparkling wines, after a 2020 decline, as evidenced by Eurostat data reported by the European Commission. Definitely harder year than the one that is closing, when between lockdowns and restrictions much stronger than the current ones, almost everywhere in the world, shipments of European sparkling wines to third countries, decreased by 6% in volume on 2019, stopping at 494. liters compared to 529 the year before. A decline which, moreover, has interrupted a decade of constant growth at an average rate of + 8% per year, starting from 2010 (with the highest jump made between 2013 and 2014, + 11%).
According to the Commission, the world of Prosecco is at the top in extra-EU exports by volume (with 205 million liters, 41% of the total), followed by Champagne (66 million liters, 13%) and the Spanish Cava ( 58 million liters, 13% of total exports).
Imports of non-EU sparkling wines into member countries, on the other hand, amounted to 9.3 million liters.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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