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After the checks and investigations, in recent days, which concerned alleged cases of “adulterated wine” in Oltrepò Pavese, the “Terre d’Oltrepò” Winery, leader of the territory and involved in the checks and in the affair but which had immediately specified how the subject of the investigation “refers to a fact found last year, not dependent on the winery and the partners and on which the winery itself had already activated with its professionals and technicians, with the help of third the necessary transparency in this regard ”, now goes to counterattack and asks for damages. The extraordinary board of directors on 8 October established the line of action, staged in the presence of the Supervisory Body and the lawyer Pietro Gabriele Roveda, who was given the task of illustrating the defensive strategy of the winery.
The president Andrea Giorgi underlined how “the clamor aroused by the events in question has produced a tangible reputational damage, suffered in particular by both the company and the people involved in the legitimate assessment activity ordered by the Judicial Authority. Precisely with regard to the negative repercussions produced by the various positions that emerged in recent days, the chairman asked and obtained from the entire Board of Directors full support to take legal action against all subjects – media, individuals and legal entities – who have in practice, it caused damage to the image and reputation of the winery and its members ”, explains a note.

With regard to the extraordinary assembly, already announced by the president himself a few days ago, the Board is working to provide shareholders with timely information and ensure full compliance with anti-Covid regulations. “It is in everyone’s interest – comments Andrea Giorgi – clarify what happened as soon as possible. We want to act with the utmost transparency: we will be happy to convene the assembly in ways compatible with the current regulatory framework to provide our shareholders with all the explanations required “.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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