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On the one hand there is the winery founded at the beginning of the new millennium in Maremma from a visionary idea of ​​the owner Georg Weber, in love with Tuscany and looking for the ideal place to give life to his project of producing wines of excellence; on the other, but not far away, there is the dream park dotted with cyclopean sculptures inspired by the arcana of the Tarot created by Niki de St Phalle, one of the most brilliant artists of the twentieth century; in the middle is the Costa d’Argento, between the Tyrrhenian coast and Capalbio, known as the “little Athens” since in the seventies it became a reference destination for the intellectual world coming from nearby Rome, but whose appeal is unchanged until today. In the year dedicated to Niki de St Phalle, while the MoMA PS1 in New York celebrates it with a major retrospective, Monteverro hosts “L’Oiseau Amoureux”, one of the works of the French-American artist of the Nouveau Réalisme, also creator of the ” Giardino dei Tarocchi ”, a unique jewel in the world of the territory of which the cellar is now a symbol.
2021 is a special year for Monteverro and Capalbio: after being postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, the celebrations dedicated to the artist Niki de St Phalle who created the Tarot Garden, born from the lucky meeting with Marella Caracciolo, wife of Gianni Agnelli, open who put the artist in contact with his brothers, owners of an estate in Garavicchio, and who granted her two hectares in the southern part of their estates. So in 1979 17 uninterrupted years of work began, with the collaboration of her husband and artist Tinguely, to create a fantastic environment of 22 statues covered with mosaics, mirrors and precious glass that sprout among the Mediterranean scrub. Inside one of these giant statues the sculptress had fixed the dwelling, which can still be visited, of the last years of her life.
To pay tribute to the artist and his relationship with Italy, the Municipality of Capalbio has organized a large widespread exhibition which will officially open on 9 July, with more than 100 works including sculptures, drawings, lithographs from various parts of the world, original photographs from the years ranging from the sixties to the nineties, many of which unpublished. The realization was possible thanks to the joint collaboration of the Giardino dei Tarocchi Foundation, The Niki Charitable Art Foundation and the Capalbio Foundation. The year of Niki de Saint Phalle will also be punctuated by numerous collateral events linked to themes dear to the artist such as creativity, femininity, social commitment, ecology. The main places of the great exhibition will be the castle of Capalbio or Palazzo Collacchioni, the Galleria il Frantoio and obviously the Tarot Garden. But the artist’s works will also be distributed in some important realities of the area including the Monteverro winery: here, in an intimate space, a small Nana, “L’Oiseau Amoureux”, will be exhibited in the tasting room overlooking the scenographic barrel cellar. , in painted polyester resin from a private collection. The image of a dwarf hugging a humanoid bird is a recurring motif in his art. Their embrace in the Yab-Yum posture of ancient Buddhist figurative art is a symbol of the mystical union of wisdom and compassion.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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