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New project for Food Stories behind the Bars: Bergamo prison!

“Dolci Sogni” was inaugurated on Saturday 15 December in via Locatelli, in Nembro, the new bar with a laboratory for the production of both sweet and savory baked delicacies.

The goal is to sell the products made by inmates of the Bergamo prison and by people with disabilities in the Val Seriana.

It all started from a dream: to realize an entrepreneurial initiative aimed at creating job opportunities for disadvantaged people in the Val Seriana area.

The project was carried out thanks to the collaboration between 7 non-profit organizations in the area: the social cooperatives Calimero (project leader), Chimera, Sottosopra, the Idem and Prison and Territory Associations of Bergamo, the Consorzio Mestieri Lombardia and the Azienda Bergamasca Formazione. (ABF), all companies for years engaged in the management of educational activities and protected work spaces for people with different types of disadvantages.

Evaluated among the 10 best Italian projects presented as part of a 2017 call promoted by the Department for Equal Opportunities (call for the financing of interventions aimed at promoting equal opportunities in the field of private enterprise, art, culture and sport in favor of people with disabilities), Dolci Sogni has provided for an investment of 240 thousand euros, of one part of which is financed by the Department for Equal Opportunities.

In a space of about 150 square meters, Dolci Sogni houses a bar area and a pastry and bakery laboratory that flanks the already well-established and well-known bakery laboratory Dolci Sogni Liberi in Bergamo, where the prisoners of the Prison work.

So he tells us Rosalucia Tramontano, president of the Calimero cooperative:

“We started four years ago with the oven at the Bergamo Prison because we believe in the value generated by introducing disadvantaged people into the world of work such as those who are serving a sentence or have just finished serving it.

Placing these people in a productive context like this is a concrete way to fully enter the social system that not only promotes legality, but also deals with prevention and recovery.

We offer prisoners the opportunity to participate in a job that allows them to acquire skills for future emancipation through their work “.

The recipe is simple: baking “Sweet Dreams Free” increases self-esteem and self-confidence, strengthening qualities such as punctuality and reliability and promoting interaction with people.

“The real challenge of this project – comments Rosalucia Tramontano -“ is to give disadvantaged people a space for concrete work experimentation. In the new laboratory bar in Nembro, both people with disabilities, specifically people with the autism spectrum, and former prisoners who are serving their sentences outside will work ”.

How did we go from the laboratory to a direct sales point?

The manager of Calimero continues:

“More and more people asked for our products, which we sold in fair trade shops where we also refueled for the material but it was not enough. Hence the idea of ​​opening our own store, with an adjoining small laboratory that will flank the one already well established in the Prison ”.

The inauguration of Dolci Sogni was held in mid-December and now the business is fully operational!

At the opening were present among the other exponents of the municipal administrations of the territory and the representatives of all the realities involved in the project. Musical guest of the event La Banda del Quadrato, alternative training composed by the young guests of the Deinos and Kairos Accommodation Communities of Albino managed by the social cooperative CHIMERA.

And these are the thanks that the President felt she could, in the midst of many greetings, hugs and smiles:

“Thanks to the Mayor of Nembro for his words and above all his presence, Thanks to Dr Antonio Costantini because for years he has been following paths that we share as a cooperative, thanks to Lanfranchi Valentina and Gino Gelmi because like us they really believe in it, to all the members , collaborators and friends of the Calimero social cooperative for sharing this dream together. “

In short, a full blown party!

And now we just have to spread these “Sweet Dreams” with our Food Stories behind the Bars!

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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