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Restaurateurs and chefs, especially from the red areas, in this period have to invent something to survive.

The return to Delivery and video recipes was very successful, but also great news with innovative proposals.

Despite the sadness of the moment, it is “pleasant” to talk about the willpower of restaurateurs, chefs and entrepreneurs who are working hard to resist this difficult moment.

Dinners blocked all over Italy, in some regions it is possible to work with lunch, in others absolutely everything is stopped and then we act with delivery, with social contacts and with ideas that everyone puts in place in a creative way.

We want to tell some of them, to keep the fire in these stoves alive!

In Milan and its surroundings the proposals are:

  1. The restaurant of the Butticè brothers becomes a neighborhood shop in Monza
  2. The ugly delivery with GUD
  3. [bu:r]: from fine dining to gastronomy at home
  4. The Particular delivery, in Milan
  5. The gourmet pizzas of Era Pizza in delivery, in Monza
  6. BANANE delivery limited: the temporary Immoral
  7. Oil, in Origgio (MI)
  8. Sara Preceruti: Acquada delivery with video
  9. ..

1- The restaurant of the Butticè brothers becomes a neighborhood shop in Monza

Vincenzo Butticè has transformed his gastronomy in via Vittorio Emanuele into a neighborhood shop with zero km products, as a reference point for residents, to shop, collect ready meals and feel less alone.

“This pandemic has taught us that we need to be flexible. We were born after the first lockdown as a gastronomy, now we also become a neighborhood shop, and above all we want to be close to our customers in this difficult time “.

Vincenzo Butticè nel primo lockdown ha attivato una rete solidale con tanti colleghi chef per portare benessere e sostegno a medici, protezione civile epersone impegnate nella lotta alla pandemia. 
E' anche attivo sostenitore della rete di ristoratori di Monza e Brianza che si muove per avere linee chiare, sostegni e soprattutto liberta di lavorare da parte del governo.

The customer, in the new shop, can buy local products, from Lodi milk to high quality eggs, from local cheeses to basic necessities.

And then he can choose whether to buy the ready-made dish, or the product to cook at home, or choose a slice of meat or a steak of fish having it cooked by the chefs present, using the kitchen of the Trattoria.

Per informazioni e prenotazioni:

2- The ugly delivery with GUD in Milan

The premises under the Gud banner launch the “ugly delivery”.

By ordering three special proposals at home, you will receive a box with a gift signed by the ironic page of the Milanese Imbruttito.

The three dishes that can be chosen on Deliveroo to receive the surprise box are:

  • “El Poke de Milan”, a bowl of basmati rice with saffron, steamed veal slices, gremolada, tuna sauce and crispy polenta,
  • the stuffed focaccia “ugly but good” with steamed potatoes, creamed cod and green sauce
  • “Il Burgher di Milano Milano” with salamella burgers, braised cabbage, fontina cheese and tomato paste.
La consegna è fatta  tutti i giorni dalle 12 alle 15 e dalle 18 alle 22 dai locali di CityLife, Darsena e Stazione Centrale, nelle zone coperte dal servizio. Per informazioni e prenotazioni:

3- [bu:r]: from Fine Fining to gastronomy at home

“Readjust, recreate and reinvent yourself”.

This is the anti-crisis recipe of the Italian-Dutch chef and his partner and maître de dining, Carlotta Perilli.

“We want to bring a little of what we are into people’s homes, sharing with them what comfort food means to us, all at affordable prices.

Traditional recipes and tastes that know what we know best “.

The choice of using exclusively biodegradable packaging is perfectly in line with the restaurant’s cooking philosophy.

Italianness and sustainability are, in fact, the inspiring principles of the menu of “[bu:r] at home ”, with the aim of continuing to support the small artisans with whom Boer has been collaborating for some time.

The menu is divided into appetizers, first courses, second courses, desserts and “extras”, in the name of Italian tradition and its biodiversity, all dishes made entirely with local products.

Some examples:

  • appetizers traditional (€ 9), such as veal with tuna sauce, creamed cod and polenta and mondeghili,
  • first dishes, to cook and compose at home, such as fresh pasta tagliatelle accompanied by a sauce of your choice between classic ragù (12 €), pesto alla genovese (10 €) and trifolata with black truffle, mushrooms and sausage (15 €), or tortellini classic in capon broth (€ 16).
  • main courses (€ 18), including a beef cheek stew in red wine and mashed potatoes, to be heated at the moment of consumption, or the special dish, or the crusted fillet with mashed potatoes and veal jus (€ 20 per portion), to be ordered with 48 hours notice.
  • the desserts (€ 7), a choice between panna cotta and crème caramel,
  • the “extras”, which the chef’s fans could never give up: the [bu:r] focaccia (€ 2.50), the mini savory rose cake (€ 4) and the inevitable pigeon macaron (€ 2 each).

On the Instagram page @buracasa, chef Eugenio Boer shares updates on the menu, as well as directions on how to compose and regenerate dishes. He also “challenges” his followers to create the most beautiful setting in the home, always with a view to making them feel as little as possible from the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Gli ordini possono essere effettuati con 24 ore di anticipo scrivendo su Whatsapp o telefonando al numero 3385035911. Il pagamento è con contanti alla consegna o anticipando un bonifico bancario.

4- The Particular delivery, in Milan

Da Particolare aMilano, the restaurant in the Porta Romana area, chef Andrea Cutillo launches the cooking boxes and reactivate delivery.

Three recipes, with doses for two people, to reproduce a gorumet dinner at home:

  • octopus ter cooking with purple potatoes, Taggiasce olives and celery
  • Parmesan risotto with raw shrimp, pesto powder, confit tomatoes and lime
  • Tiramisu Particular, the flagship of the restaurant’s proposals.

On the site you will find daily offers of meat, fish of the day, vegetables and a wide choice of wines, with shipping throughout Italy.

Il servizio è fatto 7 giorni su 7 con consegna personalizzata su Milano e hinterland tramite auuto e servizio dedicato al vino per farlo arrivare fresco (prenotando solo due ore prima della consegna)

6- Banane United Delivery: the temporary Immoral

BANANE United Delivery: the temporary by Immorale, Bites and Alain Locatelli

Banane United delivery is a project, for now only temporary, of 4 young entrepreneurs who want to face this difficult period compact and together:

  • Luca Zampa of Immoral,
  • Andrea Baita and Pietro Zamuner by Bites,
  • Alain Locatelli

They wanted to share ideas and structure a common laboratory base within Immorale to launch their new delivery and take away service.

It embraces all hours of the day starting with breakfasts with buttery and flaky French croissants and pain au chocolat that are delivered early in the morning with daily hotspots scattered throughout the neighborhood. And then thematic plateaus based on fish or meat, each with 4 different types, or even cheeses, vegetables or for brunch to be enjoyed in bed.

The gastronomy, on the other hand, ranges from the tradition of very classic creamed cod and courtyard ragù to the most original pigeon tortelli and salted butter with black truffle, sheep bun and lobster roll with blue lobster.

For the more enterprising also the pizza kit to finish at home “Pizza fattela da sol”.

Gli ordini, da fare sul sito devono pervenire sempre entro le 18 del giorno precedente (per preservare un altissimo standard qualitativo ed evitare ogni minimo spreco).

7- Oil at home, in Origgio

The Olio restaurant in Origgio, province of Varese but attached to Milan, after the opening in August and the success achieved thanks to the elegance of the project and the very high quality of the cuisine, copes with the emergencies of the period by launching “Olio a casa” , the home delivery and takeaway service to bring their specialties to customers’ homes, dedicating themselves to the area of ​​the Upper Milanese area.

The Olio menu has been redesigned by chef Andrea Marinelli together with his team and made available, together with a wide selection of wines from the restaurant’s well-stocked cellar, in the “Olio a casa” section.

From the site you can choose between the dishes “ready to serve“And those”ready to cook“.

Some of the dishes, in fact, arrive at home “broken down” and it is up to the customer to finish cooking, in order to guarantee always the freshest dishes, with the right consistency and temperature.

Extremely accurate and professional packaging, with safety seal, allow the customer to simply complete cooking and serving according to the instructions provided by the chef.

The home delivery service is managed independently, directly from the restaurant staff, so as not to lose contact with customers even during this moment of forced distance.

Olio has a kitchen dedicated to preparations for those suffering from celiac disease (is an AiC certified restaurant – Italian Celiac Association) therefore, by reporting your needs in advance to the staff, it is possible to receive a completely gluten-free and completely safe meal at home.

Il servizio di consegna a domicilio e di asporto è attivo tutti i giorni nei seguenti orari:
da lunedì a giovedì dalle 18.30 alle 21.00
da venerdì a domenica dalle 11.30 alle 14.00 e dalle 18.30 alle 21.00
Per ordinare:
Ristorante Olio - SP233 VARESINA 1 - 21040 Origgio (VA)

8 – Sara Preceruti: Acquada delivery with video

Sara Preceruti, the young chef with an instinctive and creative style from Acquada, started her first delivery and take-away service, after having dedicated her soul and body to voluntary actions in the first lockdown.

It offers customers a slightly simplified menu and told in video, to get as close as possible to the dishes of the autumn menu present at the restaurant.

Each dish arrives at customers’ homes with an invitation to follow the instructions of Sara Preceruti and her staff step by step for cooking the dishes, thanks to videos specially shot and edited so that they are easy to follow, clear and fun, and usable. QRCode or on the restaurant website in the delivery section.

Among the dishes on the menu, there is also the possibility of ordering jams prepared in the restaurant’s kitchen, small pastries and bread and bread sticks, and then homemade pastas, pickles and pickles, to arrive at the Christmas period also at the panettone signed by the chef.

The home delivery service is carried out directly by the Acquada staff and Sara Preceruti herself will work where possible to deliver and tell the dishes to customers.

La consegna è attiva sette giorni su sette, dalle 12:00 alle 22:00, in tutta la città di Milano e per 15 km fuori dal perimetro esterno della città. L’asporto, invece, è attivo tutti i giorni dalle 12 alle 15 e dalle 19 alle 22.
Per ordinare ci si collega al nuovo shop online su
Acquada - Via Eugenio Villoresi, 16, 20143 Milano

So, in this “fake” lockdown, with closures established a bit ad ca @@ um (poetic license!), Let’s have a moment of beauty, goodness and sweetness, giving ourselves the delights of our chefs, restaurateurs and food artisans, with these novelties.

Waiting to come back and visit them in person, with our StoriediCibo.

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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