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A young and talented Chef we have met on numerous occasions.

David Fiordigiglio, just over 20 years old and already great successes. Now also in Rome, in the Mediaset television studios.

“I’m in Rome for some important home dinners in the homes of people whose names and surnames I can’t name, but you can imagine!”These are the words of a phone call with which the chef greets us, and updates us on his news, after the last time we had “lived” it (he and his kitchen) on the hill of the cicloegi, a splendid wine-based relais of Veronese.

Curiosity arises spontaneously, ça va sans dire!

Immediate request for a dedicated appointment, beyond the greetings, to know the details, and leaving out that “I can not name and surname” to let us tell the story!

“I have been in Rome for over 30 days, for some home dinners organized by famous people.

Alfonso Signorini seeing a post about my Rose Cake on social media (splendid and very good, ed) he called me saying that I am now famous all over Italy for this cake and for my cooking, and asking me for a rose cake for him! “.

The young Fiordigiglio, who we know is determined but also made of butter and sugar in terms of sweetness, will have melted!

When Signorini learns that the chef is in Rome for some dinners, he called him to order:

“You absolutely have to cook for us!”.

And David’s joy can be read in his eyes as he tells, as well as in his classic smile, an indelible mark of constant happiness in the work he does:

“He treated us like stars and made us treated like stars! A driver came to pick us up, me and my boys, and made four production guys available to support us in the organization of spaces and in the design of the kitchen ”.

And so, catering-style lunches between one registration and another, other dinners at home and the possibility for the chef, based in Lovere and of Campania origins, to taste many of his best known and most successful dishes.

“Signorini literally went crazy in tasting every single dish, and he says that with the cake I reminded him of his grandmother!”.

At the table with Signorini also great directors and personalities of Mediaset, who have already “booked” and involved the chef in future collaborations for Mediaset…. And here a veil of mystery!

The only thing that (perhaps) can be announced, in a low voice for now (!), Is the presence of the chef during the final on March 1st.

We will “see” him at work behind the scenes, but seeing conductors and producers happy, we will be able to smile thinking that a good part of the credit will come from what they ate, at the hands of Fiordigiglio!

And after past successes:

  • from Forte Village where the youngest and most talented chef of the season was named
  • to the experience with the great Russian politicians as a chef at home,
  • at the start of the kitchen on the Amarone hills,
  • to other great experiences,

here he is among the VIPs of Big Brother!

Great successes, due to a great preparation together with a lot of determination, and then to a brilliant mix of Brescian work speed, Neapolitan sympathy, and grandmother’s sweetness, that of the Rose cake!

Good chef, your strong determination takes you higher and higher! Congratulations!

Abbiamo parlato già in passato dello chef, e in periodo lockdown abbiamo anche fatto una diretta instagram sulla sua storia. Possibille rivederla qui:

We will tell about the chef’s upcoming adventures… follow us!

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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