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Michelin Guide 2021: preview awards

November 25, 2020

Suspended panettone: a sweet gesture in Milanese pastry shops

November 27, 2020

Ideas for Christmas gifts are always needed!

An Experience gift combines the gift of a momentary memory with a reality to be lived in the future, a sort of double gift, when you discard and when you live!

We have provided in other articles some ideas on gifts related to books (always related to Food Stories), gifts of niche food and wine products, gifts of the best artisan panettone according to our selection and tasting … and now a new list, because giving gifts is beautiful!

Some ideas on experiential gifts, what are classically called Coupons. There are all kinds, we wanted to find some particular experience!

Here is our selection of Food-Experience Stories:

  1. Truffle hunter for a day, in Monferrato
  2. At a chocolate lesson, Maestro Pica in Milan
  3. Gift card at the Rèva Resort: SPA and starred cuisine – Monforte d’Alba
  4. Fresh pasta under the tree in a Gift Card – Pastificio Bolognese Muzzarelli in Turin
  5. An online lesson from the chef, Chef Daniel Canzian

1- Tartufaio for a day, in Monferrato

With Marcella, creator of the format Truffle hunter for a day, it is possible to live (and give) the experience of being a truffle hunter, of wandering through woods and meadows in search of truffles with his dog, discovering the fascinating world of this local product.

A “lesson” en plein air about what truffles are, what types exist, how they look for and how the dog works, to end the day with a tasting in the cellar, among wines and local products.

A day immersed in nature, vineyards and cellars, for a feasible experience every day of the year except for the entire month of May and from 1st to 21st September as foreseen by the biological stop.

A creative and effective gift, a “coupon” to be a “truffle hunter for a day”.

We like it because it is instructive, it allows you to live an excellent experience outdoors even for the whole family with small children, and then you can taste it!

Come fare: prenotare con mail o telefono. [email protected] -Marcella +39 3272803740 - Stefano +39 3381672038, Beatrice +39 3450909590

2- A chocolate lesson in Milan

Giving a chocolate course as a gift means giving sweetness forever!

The Pica Pastry School courses are suitable both for enthusiasts who wish to discover the secrets of pastry, and for experts and professionals who want to refine their skills on a specific topic.

You can choose from many topics, from chocolate to decoration, from the technique for a master panettone to sweet and savory viennoiserie, from baked cakes to the art of modern pastry.

It is possible to organize group courses, or a more effective one to one with the teacher Pica, organizing in a personalized way on times, topics, levels of difficulty.

We like it because putting your hands in the dough, in a chocolate paste is gratifying and very sweet, and regòlare sweetness is always good!

Come fare: la cosa migliore è scrivere a [email protected] per costruire un pacchetto su misura, con prezzi che variano in base a durata, argomento, livello di preparazione...  Ci sono anche corsi da acquistare online, tenuti dal maestro Pica, relativi a viennoiserie dolce e viennoiserie salata, in collaborazione con World Food Training:

3- Gift card at the Rèva Resort: SPA and starred cuisine – Monforte d’Alba

Réva is a charming resort nestled in the UNESCO heritage hills of the Langhe. Perfectly nestled among rows of vines, it is a natural refuge of authentic beauty, natural wealth and relaxation.

Inside the SPA and a Michelin-starred restaurant, followed by the French three-starred Yannick Alléno.

Give a relaxing break in the Langhe with the possibility of combining a gastronomic itinerary, visits to the cellar, and trips to the places where Barolo and Arneis are produced.

Réva Gift Cards can be used to book a stay at the Resort (which also includes access to the spa, golf and, in season, the outdoor swimming pool) or a gastronomic experience at the starred restaurant, the FRE, or both!

We like it because it is a place away from the hectic world and immersed in nature and in the luxury of those who know how to make their guests feel good.

4- Fresh pasta under the tree as a gift card – Pastificio Bolognese Muzzarelli in Turin

The Pastificio Bolognese Muzzarelli is a historical reality in Torno. Since 1949 he has been working with the restaurant market, drawing on the experience of four generations of pasta makers.

Unique products, which for the Christmas period have also been transformed into shapes suitable for family lunches:

  • Green fir trees stuffed with ricotta and spinach,
  • Christmas stars stuffed with fondue e
  • agnoli di capon

these are just some of the fresh pasta produced by the Muzzarelli family, able to satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Fresh pastas that for this Christmas become the protagonists of a quality gift, in the name of good food, thanks to the Gift Cards, valid until 2022.

Obviously the pasta factory continues its gastronomy activity and it is possible to meet on site to collect the delights also in “Complete menu” to bring to the table:

  • vitello tonnato, shrimp cocktail in auror sauce, star peppers stuffed with tuna and anchovies as appetizers;
  • as first courses, from Bolognese lasagna to pesto lasagna and crepes to be filled as desired and
  • as main courses, traditional roast and stewed cuttlefish.
  • There is no shortage of sauces and side dishes as well as desserts.

We like it because allows you to give quality and goodness, with a card to use when you want …. and for the “non-Turin” allows you to take a trip to the city of Savoy, with a gourmet fixed appointment!

Come fare: Gift Card da 15, 30 e 50 euro, valide sino al 2022 ordinabili sul sito:

5- An online lesson from the chef, chef Daniel Canzian

Whatever gift you choose, enjoy a Christmas of good things and amazing experiences with the people you love… it’s the tastiest time!

For other selections of gifts from Food Stories read also here:

Nadia Toppino
Nadia Toppino

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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