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Opposed by purists, watched with interest by young people, canned wine has not been a novelty for many years, and in the US it has long been an interesting niche. Which, if it makes those who love to rotate the glass in their hands turn up their noses, it makes the wine available to everyone, freeing it from the rigidity of the bottle, without wanting to replace it. The target is that of the youngest, but also of newbies, while opening up to new opportunities for consumption: on the beach, in the garden at a barbecue, on the sofa watching a football match. In short, a different way to approach wine, as simple as the content of the cans, that is generic monovarietals, usually with lower than average gradations.
Among the pioneers of canned wine, also Coppola Winery, the Californian winery of the Italian-American director, which already in 2004 had launched its first version, a Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine dedicated to his daughter Sofia, also a director. Today, the top range of Coppola Winery in cans, the “Diamond Collection”, also arrives in Italy, an almost virgin market, imported and distributed by Meregalli, historical partner of the Sonoma Valley brand. Four different declinations: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Sofia Brut Rosé, for a new way of approaching wine, without sacrificing quality and focusing on the sustainability of a light and recyclable packaging, a not insignificant detail, in an era in which environmental sustainability is among the main reasons that guide the choices of consumers.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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