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In 2020, 258 million hectoliters of wine were produced in the world, a quantity in line with the statistical average of recent years, half of which – liter plus liter less – between Italy, Spain and France. The first nation in the world for world wine production is Italy, with over 47 million hectoliters produced in 2020. In second place we find France, with almost 44 million, and in third place Spain, with 37 million and a half hectoliters. These first three nations, united with the United States, come to cover more than half of the world wine production. Among the top 15 nations in the world we also find China, which, however, has seen its production almost halve compared to 2016, from over 13 million to less than 8 million hectoliters. All in all a stable figure, crystallized in the wine scene.
What is changing, however, is the consumption map, with countries that have radically changed their habits in the space of a few decades. In which, if Italy, for example, has more than halved its average annual consumption, the United States has become the leading consumer country. To understand not only which countries in the world are where the most wine is consumed per person, but also how consumption has changed, from 1961 to 2018, the statistical analysis portal “Statistics & Data”
used data from the World Health Organization Global Health Observator, which measures this parameter by calculating consumption data on those over 15, with the data (in liters) calculated on pure alcohol present in wine.
According to these data, thus, the nation, in 2018, where the most wine is consumed is France, where the total consumption per person is 6.29 liters per year (we repeat, we are talking about pure alcohol present in wine). Followed by Portugal, with 6.04 liters per year, and in third place Italy, with 5.08 liters per year. Scrolling through the ranking, among the most important wine markets there is Great Britain, with 3.44 liters, the USA, with 1.63 liters, Germany with 3.11, but in the Top 15 there are also countries from different Continents, such as Uruguay, with 3.5 liters per year, and Australia, with 3.67.
If we move to almost 60 years earlier, in 1961, the first nation was again France, at 20.56 liters, in second place Italy (17.24 liters) and in third place Portugal (14.12). But what is surprising is how wine consumption in general was much higher than it is now. In France, as well as in Italy and Portugal, the consumption of wine per person (alcohol) was three times higher than in 2018. On the contrary, in Germany wine consumption in 1961 was just over half of today (1 , 86 liters), as well as in the United States (0.87 liters), while in Great Britain they did not reach a fifteenth of the current ones (0.28 liters).

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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