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While many media, including national ones, have focused on damage to vineyards in France, Italy, too, in most of the Regions, has been caught in the grip of frost, with damage above all to the vineyards and orchards, which, in some areas , from Northern to Southern Italy, also recorded total production losses. This was underlined by Confagricoltura, according to whose timely monitoring in the various areas of the Peninsula, the damage currently amounts to 1 billion euros and therefore requires extraordinary interventions (like those already announced in France by Macron, as reported by the same organization of agricultural enterprises). In light of the seriousness of the event and the economic consequences, Confagricoltura asks that the National Solidarity Fund be refinanced in the next decree to support businesses.

The agricultural organization, led by Massimiliano Giansanti, however, also urges the release of the liquidation procedures for the damages of the frost of April 2020, which in fact have not yet started. “It is necessary – highlights Confagricoltura – that the refreshment operations do not suffer slowdowns that worsen a situation already heavily compromised by the crisis linked to the pandemic”.

Furthermore, Confagricoltura is defining the modalities of a joint initiative with the French Fnsea, the most important organization of farmers, so that the respective Governments solicit an intervention by the European Union, given the exceptional size of the calamitous event. “It is important – concludes Confagricoltura – that, at a European level, a specific fund can be made available to deal with this emergency that has affected two major producing countries, such as Italy and France”.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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