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Above all, the exponential growth in costs, equal to an average of + 35%, caused by the tensions on energy and raw materials generated by the war in Ukraine, with unilateral increases by packaging suppliers, has slowed down the race of Italian wine. So Coldiretti, commenting on the harvest forecast of Ismea. Assoenologi and Unione Italiana Vini (Uiv) which, with the climatic change of the last month, estimates a substantial stability of the 50.2 million hectoliters counted by Agea on the basis of the production declarations of 2021.

To weigh on the first item of national agri-food exports, which this year according to Coldiretti could reach 8 billion, however, are the increases in production costs – direct or indirect – caused by expensive energy. In fact, in the vineyards there are increases ranging from + 170% for fertilizers to + 129% for diesel. A glass bottle – explains Coldiretti – costs up to 50% more than last year, while the price of corks has exceeded 20% for cork ones and even 40% for those of other materials. For cages for sparkling wine corks the increases are in the order of 20% but for labels and packaging cartons there are respectively increases of 35% and 45%, according to the Coldiretti analysis.

Problems also for the purchase of machinery, especially steel ones, prevalent in cellars, for which it has become impossible even to have estimates. Road transport has also increased by 25% to which is added the worrying situation of container and sea freight costs, with increases ranging from 400% to 1000%. “A situation that puts at risk a system that, starting from the harvest, activates a system that offers job opportunities to 1.3 million people working directly in vineyards, cellars and in commercial distribution, both for those employed in related activities and of service”, explains President Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini.
According to a research by Coldiretti, eighteen work sectors are activated for each cluster of grapes harvested
from the processing industry to commerce, from glass for glasses and bottles to the processing of cork for corks, continuing with transport, accessories, wine tourism, cosmetics, bioenergy and much more.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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