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The presentation of 2021, the first vintage of Chiaretto di Bardolino with the new mention, ideally closes one of the paths taken years ago by “Bardolino” wines to arrive at a new structure. The “Rosé Revolution”, begun in 2014, has drawn the precise physiognomy of the pink wine of the eastern shore of Lake Garda. From the pale pink color played on a restricted palette, to the sensorial profile, the Chiaretto di Bardolino have a peculiar common identity, even in the interpretation of the individual producers. And they stand the test of time, signifying a quality that makes these wines very interesting several years after the harvest. In this evolution, once the exuberance of youth is abandoned, the characteristics of the vintage emerge and territorial differences are perceived. To highlight the “selections” entering the market refined one or two years present at “Corvina Manifesto – The Preview of Chiaretto di Bardolino”, organized by the Protection Consortium, in recent days (at the Tusini Institute of Bardolino, specialized in the training of young winery and vineyard operators) and by a significant vertical of the vintages from 2014 to the last 2021.
“We have had, and for this reason we are very satisfied, with the double-digit growth of Chiaretto di Bardolino – underlined Franco Cristoforetti, president of the Consortium for the protection of Chiaretto di Bardolino – in the first two months of 2022 we have already placed 1.4 million bottles, with an increase of 26.7% on an annual basis. This exploit confirms what we have been thinking and knowing for years, and that is that among our wines, Chiaretto is very linked to conviviality and, by sharing the possibility of being together and going out for dinner, consumption in the catering sector has been divided. We hope that the difficulty of finding white glass does not represent a handicap in the summer months, because Chiaretto cannot be separated from a bottle that highlights its color in transparency. A difficulty that would slow down a growth that in perspective could mean 2 million more glass bottles per year, an important number if we consider our national territory “. This edition also saw the presence of the Aoc Tavel of the Rhône Valley – first in the world in 1936 to foresee only rosé wines – and the wines of the producers of Rosés de Terroirs, an association recently born in France, of which they were invited to make part, the only non-transalpine realities, also two companies of the Chiaretto di Bardolino.
But with the Preview of Chiaretto 2021 filed, on the horizon there are the goals achieved with the Bardolino of the three historic “districts” Montebaldo, La Rocca and Sommacampagna, recognized with the disciplinary which entered into force on April 14, 2021, which, for the first time, with important production numbers will be presented on 25 and 26 November next under the banner of “Corvina Manifesto”. The brand that appeared, untold, also in the event dedicated to Chiaretto. “Corvina Manifesto – President Cristoforetti revealed to Winenews – is a trademark registered by the Consortium that will accompany the events dedicated to Corvina-based wines in the future, not only in the Bardolino production districts, but also in others. It is a work that we have started to make it clear that Corvina is one of the salient characteristics of all Veronese wines from red berried grapes and therefore Corvina Manifesto wants to be the representation of our territory through this grape variety “. And speaking of other Corvina-based wines, our thoughts immediately turn to the wines of Valpolicella. “With Corvina Manifesto – answered Cristoforetti – we imagine we are addressing not so much the consortium world, but rather the Veronese wineries which, being transversal to almost all denominations, will have the opportunity to present all their Corvina-based wines in a single solution, from Amarone to all Valpolicella wines, to our Bardolino and Chiaretto, to wines with geographical indication. Corvina has unique characteristics in the Italian panorama, because it is the grape from which we obtain pink and red wines from drying grapes and fresh grapes of great elegance with the ability to age and to represent the various facets of a territory rich in biodiversity like that of Verona, which stretches from the hills of Lake Garda, nestled between the Alps, with a distinctly Mediterranean climate, to the more distant valleys of Valpolicella, with very strong soils, and almost continental climates “.
The other project within the segmentation of “Bardolino” wines relates to “Chiarè Rosé”, to which the presence of the Consortium at Vinitaly has been dedicated, but which has not yet been communicated. “The Chiarè Rosé project – explained Cristoforetti, to Winenews – has seen the light in recent months and I believe it is an absolute novelty in the Italian panorama. It is a consortium brand dedicated to Chiaretto Spumante that will accompany a specific campaign for this product. We will therefore have three different communication channels for the Chiaretto di Bardolino, the Chiaré Rosé and the Bardolino of the sub-zones, with events in spring and autumn respectively ”.
Chiarè Rosé is a brand that the Consortium registered years ago for a cocktail based on Chiaretto Spumante – with elderberry syrup, mint leaves and soda water – to consolidate its consumption in the production area. Today, however, it will indicate the production resulting from a supply chain project in which the 5 major grape producers in the area have joined, which will participate in the processing of the sparkling wine bases with different roles.
“This is the first supply chain agreement for a product aimed specifically at large-scale distribution and the world of discos and nightclubs – explained Angelo Peretti, head of communication of the Consortium to Winenews – it will have an attractive and extremely well-finished packaging and the sale will be entrusted to a distribution agency. At the beginning the number of bottles will be limited, but the potential concerns 20% of the grapes produced in the area which, while remaining within the yield limits set by the disciplinary, could reach 4 million bottles “. In the future, therefore, the Consortium’s Chiarè Rosé label will increase and support the production of private companies, currently equal to 300,000 bottles out of a total of 10 million.

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