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2021 opens with a bang for the Chianti Classico, with + 22% of bottles sold (10 million), in the first quarter of the year (on the same period of the previous year). If in the first year of the pandemic (2020), the consumption of Gallo Nero wines recorded a limited loss (-8%), despite the well-known difficulties of the horeca channel, the appreciation of consumers, especially on international markets – where the 80% of production, in 150 different countries – is a confirmation also in 2021, which welcomed the new vintages onto the market: Chianti Classico 2019, Chianti Classico Riserva and Gran Selezione 2018.
The relations with the markets, consolidated with promotional investments by the Consortium and the associated companies, reminds the Consorzio del Chianti Classico, did not weaken during the pandemic: despite the obligatory interruption of promotional activities in presence, the loyal consumers of historical markets such as North America, Germany and the United Kingdom, but also in Asian markets, have continued to choose Chianti Classico. The e-commerce sector has also contributed to this, which has significantly increased the volume of sales globally, particularly among Millennials with good financial resources.
“This result demonstrates the strength of the commercial structure of Chianti Classico, which sees it distributed in so many countries around the world and through multiple channels – says Carlotta Gori, director of the Consortium -. Some more difficulties were encountered by the internal market, with the restaurant closed for months. The consumer of Chianti Classico has nevertheless proved loyal to the product, and has continued to purchase it also for consumption at home. The value and notoriety of the appellation continue to grow, thanks to the quality of the wines recognized by critics and the market ”.
In the same way that the purchasing channels have changed, the promotional methods have also been reshaped, using the new communication tools, especially for foreign countries. The activities, mainly online, organized by the Chianti Classico Consortium, were carried out in the form of webinars, seminars and masterclasses, in some of the main markets of the appellation, starting with the United States and Canada and ending with the Asian markets (Japan, Korea and China), where, in some cases it was also possible to organize events in presence (Chianti Classico tastings with sommelier service). Overall, more than 1,500 operators from the sector and representatives of the international media participated.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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