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The work, to which article one of the Italian Constitution is dedicated (“Italy is a democratic Republic, founded on work”), intended mainly as an exit from the emergency, will be the dominant theme of “Identità Golose 2021”, the kermesse dedicated to the protagonists of the kitchen and patisserie that returns to Milan from 25 to 27 September, in the spaces of the Mi.Co., in an unusual period as required by the need to plan the event safely, without giving up the elements that have always characterized it. The goal will be to give a voice to the world of catering when the pandemic that has invaded our lives will have stopped – hopefully and it is expected – to bite “to rediscover in restaurants not only places where relationships can take place safely, but where talents, professionalism and excellence of the territory must continue to be cultivated and valued ”, says Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of Identità Golose.
The theme, as anticipated, will be “Building a new future: work”, because
“If we do not solve this dramatic problem first, if we do not restore to women the professional dignity lost with the crisis, if young people are still parked in an economic limbo for a long time, it will be useless to talk about which cuisine we will have emerged from the pandemic”, wrote Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni. “If people have more desire for innovation or tradition, for gourmet pizzas or margherita pizzas, for dessert dishes or cakes to be cut into slices, for fish, meat or vegetables, for gourmet ice cream or classic flavors, eternally those. And also what wine and what service, in the restaurant or in the hotel. Work first! ”.
“But when will we go back to normal? Always too late, but woe to let yourself go to despair, woe to stop – Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni still ask themselves – and don’t think. May it never be that on the day of the possible rebirth we are not ready to shoot and run. It is as if we had not experienced 2020. Memories take us back to the previous year again, to 2019, but either the past helps us to build a real, concrete new future or, little by little, we will stop for lack of stimuli, with tanks of adrenaline in reserve. With the city centers that will be upset by months and months of work at home and more or less reasoned and sustainable lockdowns, with the times required by the vaccination plan, cooks and restaurateurs now have to think about how to deal with the emergency and make sure that the sense of responsibility, which drives so many, becomes an economic and financial mantra for every owner of a public business “, says Paolo Marchi again.
“Certainties, few but authentic, we will need this shaken as we are by the pandemic. At the level of nutrition and catering, it is not a question of thinking about what will be most successful, but of being clear that the safety will concern, before any other aspect, the quality of life and the safety of the workplace, jobs and salaries that respect the dignity of people. Eating well so as not to risk getting sick, and in this sense doctors and nutritionists will become the best advisors for chefs, but also learning to live with covid with intelligence and discipline to be able to work and give work, because – continues the creator of Identità Golose – you don’t go far in time with the premises open to fits and starts and very few figures involved in the dining room, kitchen and cellar “.
Paolo Marchi’s last thoughts then go to the administrators and the future of the planet. “And we hope it will also be the time for those who govern us to know how to reason in a sophisticated and articulated way, distinguishing the characteristics and needs of the different types of exercises. It is time to rediscover in restaurants not only places where relationships can take place safely, but where talents, professionalism and excellence of the territory are cultivated and preserved. Inestimable assets that cannot be sacrificed, but rather must be protected and valued. With the planet that will need to take new measures, to understand when it will be able to reopen safely, every nation, every people will look more easily at themselves, at their history. We must not risk becoming more selfish and closed in on ourselves – concludes the curator of Identità Golose – when, on the other hand, it will be important, decisive that each country draws strength from its excellence and its abilities to help itself and to help, and thus close a black chapter in the history of all humanity ”.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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