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“Solui”: the new wine from La Scolca.

A story of innovation and sustainability, and at the same time a courageous choice in times of pandemic to look to the fifth generation.

La Scolca presents “Solui”, a new wine, a different wine but in line with the style of the excellent Gavi which has always been and has always been the core business of La Scolca for 100 years.

A “Solo Lui” created with Sauvignon grapes and a blend of white Piedmontese grapes (strictly 100% La Scolca grapes).

A wine to look to the future, but with the solidity that 100 years of history give to the family brand, with an innovative and contemporary approach without ever losing contact and bond with the soil and with one’s own land.

A unique product, a soloist among the Gavi. As always, the La Scolca brand has a futuristic projection, a vision that is often against the trend.

Here then is a wine with the courage to dare, which represents a great exception and which wants to grasp with positivity even in the most difficult times the great changes in the world, without compromise and without fear.

The fourth generation, represented by Chiara Soldati, celebrates the past, the origins, the family, but looks to the future, to the fifth generation, to new challenges and new scenarios.

The root of the name “Solui” recalls the noun “Sun” from Latin sol – solis, to represent a sign of light, of rebirth and renaissance.

Solitary, unique, as one alone and as a radiant sun.

“Solui” also stands out for the elegance and refinement of the label, white, bright and essential, produced by Sanfaustino Label, and for the “green” appearance of the packaging, created with 100% recycled paper, therefore with a message of sustainability and the future.

The message of great attention to sustainability and environmental protection underlines two fundamental aspects of the company philosophy of La Scolca, which over the years has invested so much precisely in the care of the land and vineyards and to implement the energy efficiency process.

As Chiara Soldati says:

“We wanted to bet on a wine different from all the other Gavi dei Gavi, a sauvignon blanc and a blend of Piedmontese white grape varieties entirely produced on the farm. An elegant and complex wine, the result of a balanced blend and vinified in order to enhance its aromas and harmony.

This new wine is also a tribute to mine mother Luisa Soldati, an example of a modern woman, of solidity and determination, who has always encouraged me to achieve great and ambitious goals “.

“A wine without thoughts”, with its fragrant aromas, the pleasant fruity notes of golden apple, peach and subtle hints of mint and the pleasant freshness of the taste.

Excellent for gastronomic combinations among the most eclectic, in particular fish and vegetable dishes, it is able to satisfy very different and multigenerational palates and tastes.

“Solui” is destined for the Italian and foreign market, confirming the international vocation of the company, now present in over 50 countries.

Intended for multi-channel distribution, an exclusive partnership with Winelivery, an online sales platform in constant growth and present with a capillary network in addition 50 Italian cities.

The pandemic situation has not stopped the launch roadshow which provides, to start, a series of online appointments:

  • on 25 February at 9.00 pm the digital tasting in live streaming from the instagram profile lascolca_official, led by Chiara Soldati with Manuela Zennaro, food and wine journalist;
  • on March 4th at 9.00 pm digital tasting with Chiara Soldati and Manlio Giustiniani, Champagne & Wine Consultant, with a panel of selected bloggers and journalists;
  • followed by a calendar of events – online and in person – which will involve not only journalists, sommeliers and enthusiasts, but also the Italian and international partners with whom La Scolca has built a solid and successful collaboration over the years.

We will like to follow the future of this “Solui”, a unique one in the bottle, told by a great Solei, Chiara Soldati of the La Scolca house.

IS Gavi Sauvignon be it!

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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