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Appointment in the hills of Monforte, at Borgo Sant’Anna, with the chef Pasquale Laera.

A new star of the Langhe, young, ambitious and extremely happy to cook!

With the 2020 Michelin Guide, assigned a new star in the Langhe cuisine, at the Borgo Sant’Anna restaurant in Monforte d’Alba.

At the helm Pasquale Laera, born in 1998, of Apulian origins, brilliant past alongside Cannavacciuolo and then at the Boscareto Resort, where in 2014 he received the star at the La Rei restaurant.

Now a new star in this place immersed in the vineyards, active for just over a year, thanks to the work and vision of the chef and maître Fabio Mirici Cappa.

A traditional cuisine, linked to the territory, and a union between north and south.

Cuisine of study, passion and research.

Search for ingredients, producers, good things, plants in the garden.

Together with a search for wines, furnishings, artists, such as the young creative who paints stylized figures of women using splashes of wine, on delicious, almost sexy canvases, and extremely in line with the place.

A place out of this world, but a stone’s throw from everything.

A view of the vineyards, a distant look at the mountains, on foggy days it seems to float on the sea, on sunny days you touch the sky with your finger.

An unusual place, as luxurious as it is familiar, everyone can find what they are looking for.

We visited the chef and his family, the restaurant still closed, will open in a few days.

The renovations are almost complete, the rooms will be ready shortly.

The kitchen is made entirely on the chef’s needs, totally visible on a room that wanted to replace the classic chef table, too elitist, to give more space to those who want to dine “in the company” of the chef and his brigade.

For the rest, the other rooms have a different view, perhaps less gastronomic, certainly equally idyllic: vineyards, where you can get lost in nature, strolling or just wandering with your gaze.

Officially our visit was for a chat and for the delivery of the starred book, which also contains a recipe from the chef.

The chat has become heartfelt tales, and the time has been propitious for an aperitif useful for discovering the beauties of these places through the eyes of the chef.

A philosophy of life and cooking that Pasquale Laera explains it like this:

“I cook to see happy people. My work ends there, when whoever eats at my table says thank you! ”.

Anecdotes of life and cooking, have meant that time ran at an accelerated speed, like when you are well, and that the evening ended too quickly, with the promise to meet again to continue the stories and curiosities.

The space together was still sufficient to capture his passion, his optimal perfectionism in the words and in the eyes of the chef (“everything I start I try to do it at 100% of my possibilities “), his desire to bring joy with his cooking.

The passion for research that led him to taste all the vitello tonnato of the area and beyond, including those of the Autogrill (!!!) and then arriving after a dinner at Geranium in Copenhagen to understand what his own would be like, to make it and finally have the story and the essence to be told in his hands.

Since his arrival in Piedmont it seemed that it was essential to have his own “vitello tonnato”, but he certainly could not afford to include a dish of others, perhaps mimicking some local star, and so he created his Vitello Tonnè, without tuna, by cooking the meat with vinegar, capers and anchovies, with the addition of dehydrated egg.

The bond with the territory that pushes him to join the local producers, even with malicious tricks but in good faith, perhaps the same that led him from the classical high school to the seminary, then to the hotel industry up to the starry kitchens.

A happy spirit, surrounded by loving people, including the partner maitre Fabio Mirici Cappa, with a philosophy of life and work that wins:

“In the end all the services have an end in the kitchen and in the dining room, so every difficulty is temporary”.

We fully embrace this Laera philosophy, and we will soon return to your table!

Absolutely kitchen view (what a show!) Or even vineyards (double show!).

Thanks chef, see you soon!

Per chi vuole il libro superstellato, in cui è contenuta anche la ricetta dello chef Pasquale Laera in doppia lingua, insieme ad altre 51 ricette di chef stellati italiani e spagnoli, con la prefazione di Ferran Adrià, l'acquisto si può effettuare on line .

Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

For the love of food and wine! Marco Ribaudo, Certified Sommelier, with 25 years in the food and beverage industry now invites you to join him in his latest adventure, the opening of la Cucina del Vino to share his culture and passion for creating unforgettable memories around the table.

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