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If spring frosts and some hailstorms in mid-summer were not enough to complicate the lives of wine producers and farmers in a large part of Italy, in these days in some areas an emergency is re-exploding which is now a problem. structural, or that of the overabundance of ungulates that kill crops and also cause damage to structures and farms. And if it is often the wild boars that make the news, which are less and less rarely reported in various inhabited centers, an emergency in the emergency, reported in the Tuscan and Florentine countryside, but far from isolated, is that linked to roe deer. For a simple reason: if, after all, there is an important market for wild boar meat, for roe deer it is not so, and therefore few hunt them. And so, while their presence in the territory has increased by 30% in 5 years, in these days hectares of crops of grains and cereals go up in smoke, but also bunches of grapes waiting to be harvested, but used by animals to quench their thirst. .
“The problem of ungulates and wild animals – underlines the president of Cia Toscana Centro, Sandro Orlandini – it is certainly not new, but in recent years, in addition to the wild boar emergency, we must increasingly deal with the proliferation of roe deer, which are less hunted and therefore out of control. Our farmers and ranchers are exasperated, so it is not possible to go on ”. And so, for example, in the territory of Certaldo (in the Florentine Chianti and a stone’s throw from the Vernaccia di San Gimignano lands), Franco Marzi (I Fossati farm – Chianina breeding and production of wine and oil) – says that situation is unsustainable due to the ever increasing number of roe deer: “While for wild boars there is an excellent market in local and Tuscan restaurants, with prices that are around 3.5 euros per kg – explains Marzi – for venison there is no market, it does not interest, and so hunters do not shoot roe deer which can increase in number undisturbed ”.
Franco Marzi cultivates ancient grains in 4 hectares of land: “they pass in very numerous herds, even of 30 heads at a time – he says – and so the production is completely trampled, the animals run around, roll over and nothing remains; and what remains is finished by the wild boars ”. In addition, damage to grapes: “the grapes are used to quench the ungulates in these drought periods and so much of the production for wine is also destroyed”. The main problem, according to the Certaldo farmer, remains in this case the lack of a market for roe deer: “it is urgent to open a table with the Tuscany Region – concludes Franco Marzi – if we really want to solve the problem of many farmers, who , like me, they are forced to suffer extensive damage, and to have their work destroyed. We must act without wasting time “.
All this while in various Regions severely affected by the fires of the last few days (and with several outbreaks also in Tuscany, but all under control), various animal welfare associations are asking for the postponement of the reopening of the hunt.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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