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The day after the news of the investigation by the Pavia Public Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged case of “adulterated wine”, which involved six entrepreneurs and professionals in the wine sector active in the Oltrepò Pavese, the dry response of the Cantina Terre d’Oltrepò arrives, which is added to the first declarations received shortly after the search in the production sites of Broni, Stradella, Santa Maria della Versa and Casteggio, with which the company had already underlined how everything was linked to a fact “found in 2020, not dependent on the winery and by the partners and on which the winery itself had already activated with its own professionals and technicians, with the help of third party laboratories, to ensure the necessary transparency in this regard “. With the bowls stopped, as mentioned, the reaction of Cantina Terre d’Oltrepò is decidedly more articulated and piqued.
“The Cantina Terre d’Oltrepò – reads the note issued by the cooperative winery – expresses its surprise and does not hide bitterness for what happened yesterday. In blatant violation of the principles of secrecy of the investigation and in ironic concomitance with the approval in Parliament of the transposition of the European directive on the presumption of innocence, we read in the press a trial already written and decided. The winery does not use products prohibited by law in winemaking.
The winery adopts extremely strict protocols and performs thousands of analyzes a year, in several laboratories. The winery carries out numerous third party processes.
In June 2020 – reconstructs the official note – a subject of the large-scale distribution communicated to the winery that a product was not compliant as the analysis showed the presence (0.14 g / l), with a value just above the legal limit (0 , 1 g / l), of a substance banned in winemaking, cyclic diglycerin (however harmless to health). The winery does not purchase or use this product in any way. The most likely hypothesis is that of contamination of a product processed on behalf of third parties that could be residual in a machine and therefore in some bottles. The winery presses 500,000 quintals of grapes a year, which corresponds to 35 million bottles. The problem would refer to a few hundred bottles equal to 0.0001% of production.
The winery actually activated its own crisis procedure and performed analyzes on the same batch of bottles referred to in the dispute in two independent laboratories (San Michele all’Adige and Isvea) which indicated values ​​below the legal limits. The Winery has made itself available to the Judicial Authority to clarify all aspects of the affair but he cannot accept supinely that a sacrosanct investigative activity turns into a witch hunt, causing incalculable damage to the good name of the winery, its members and an entire territory ”, concludes the note from the Cantina Terre d’Oltrepò.

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Marco Ribaudo

Marco Ribaudo

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